Just Signed Up: 15K!

29 Mar

Well folks, I just signed up for another race!  I’m thrilled about this one as it is a part of the same training series as my 10K.  Most conveniently, it is only 1 mile from my apartment – score!  Also, the race itself is only 1 mile shorter than my long run for the day.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Originally I thought I’d be out of town, but plans changed, so I am all signed up and ready go.  I’m a little nervous, as I want to be careful with my expectations, specifically with speed.  Of course I’d like to go fast, but I don’t want to get injured before the real race in May (the mini marathon).  I also don’t want to get discouraged if I’m slower than my 10K a few weeks ago- yeah remember that lightning-fast-for-Kelly-unheard-of-pace of 8:09 (I still don’t believe it)?  I keep going back and forth between wanting a repeat and not wanting to do something quite that crazy.  I think my goal is somewhere between 8:30-9:00.  I’d walk away feeling really happy with times in that range.


The race is next Saturday and is in place of my long run – so no real extra prep needed (that’s easy).  I’m hoping this race will help with the race day anxiety I usually experience.  To me this race is another opportunity to practice my eating, breathing, fueling, and waking up, to feel extra prepared for the mini.  This is my first half-marathon (or full) where I have done shorter races as a part of training, and I must say I really like it.  The little milestones along the way really keep me energized and motivated.  It’s a strategy I will definitely try to continue in future training plans.

race registration

All signed up and ready to go!

Looking forward to the race and here’s to hoping the weather will be half-way decent. :)

Happy Friday!


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