Our Wedding: Part 4

25 Mar

“I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.”

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You may kiss the bride!

Our pastor made the announcement and I couldn’t believe it was over!  This was it.  We did it.  I was so excited that after we turned around to face the congregation I wanted to just march right out of there.  Adam tugged my hand and we waited for the cue of the music.  Our dramatic musical march out (to one of the Olympic theme songs) started and we headed out of the sanctuary.  On the way out I finally got to see the faces of some of our family and friends in the pews.  I even got to wave to Adam’s grandma who was viewing the ceremony through FaceTime due to health problems.

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Hey Grandma!


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We did it!

We walked out to the lobby and just hugged each other.  It was the realization that we did it.  It was both climactic and anticlimactic at the same time.  A rush of emotions met with, ‘well that’s that.’  An interesting combination for sure.  I did feel a lot of relief.  The hard part was over.  I wasn’t feeling super well physically prior to the ceremony and I was feeling thrilled at this point.

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Marching back in to greet everyone.

Adam and I almost immediately went back in to greet our guests.  It was the perfect way to say hi to everyone.  We wanted to ensure that we got to say hi to all in attendance.  I’ve been to a wedding where I never had the chance to say hi to my friends and it was a bit sad.  Everyone knows you can’t really chat forever, but a few words are always nice.  We hugged and greeted everyone before heading up to the altar to sign the official paperwork. My sister and Adam’s brother came with us as we signed the license.  That was that!  We were married!

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Making it Official.

We made our way to the family room where everyone was enjoying a quick cookie before heading out to the reception.  Our wedding coordinator made the announcement and we made our way through the tunnel of our friends and family.  Our indoor, winter version of the send-off.

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What goes together better than winter and bubbles?

We made our way quickly to our janky bus to realize it was SNOWING.  More than just our lovely dusting – it was definitely starting to really come down.  We decided to cut out any possibility of making any stops along the way for pictures or drinks.

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We made our way straight to the reception and popped some champagne on the way.  It was perfect.  Our flower girls had been working VERY hard on some art work during their downtime and gave it to us.  Talk about the most adorable thing ever.  I put them on our bulletin board at home, they are just so cute.



We finally arrived at the reception venue (the snow really delayed us).  The beautiful thing about our janky bus is that we had a ton of space.  Katie ended up tying my bustle right in the bus.  Talk about efficient.  We made our way inside in the heavy snow and were whisked upstairs away from the reception room.

photo (33)

photo (1)

All of the ladies went immediately to the bathroom to refresh ourselves.  My sister fixed my hair and I reapplied a bit of my make-up.  I also took my anti-halo eye drops (a side-effect from a failed eye surgery a few years ago).  I was READY!  We made our way back into the little lobby, it was just about time…or so we thought.  The coordinator at the reception site came to us and let us know that we only had about half of our guests there.  Apparently the snow was causing a little bit of an issue.  Did we want to wait or proceed according to our carefully planned timeline?  We decided to wait 15 minutes and see where we were at.  Honestly it was a bit relaxing having some downtime to just be.  Eventually though we decided we wanted to just go ahead, we only had our band until 11 and we wanted to feed people who were on time.  With the decision made, we went downstairs.

Standing at the door to our reception it was such a strange feeling realizing we were here.  We were married and this was our reception.  Total shock.

8 Responses to “Our Wedding: Part 4”

  1. runningtoherdreams March 25, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Congratulations! Wishing you much happiness together! :-)

  2. FitnessFatale March 25, 2014 at 1:49 pm #

    Ahh the moment post wedding is so surreal and you described it perfectly- like this is crazy but I can’t believe that was it?! It’s over in a blink and it’s less scary than you thought ! Haha not even sure that makes sense. Summary – it’s crazy amazing!!

  3. sincerelylily March 25, 2014 at 2:30 pm #

    ahhhh i am SO glad i read this since I will be getting married on Friday…. I can only imagine the feeling of walking away after the ceremony. I think you said it perfectly and I am glad you felt THRILLED. Yes! once again, your pictures are absolutely stunning and I just really think that cookie idea is genius! Bravo!

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings May 20, 2014 at 9:46 am #

      thank you m’lady. Can’t wait to pop over to your blog after I do some MUCH needed responding… oops.. Can I claim I’ve been a very busy married woman?? ;)

  4. Change of Pace March 30, 2014 at 4:02 pm #

    So sweet Adam’s grandma was able to see/hear the wedding through FaceTime!
    So glad everything went well despite lots of snow!
    How is married life and the new city treating you?!

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings May 20, 2014 at 9:48 am #

      It was such a great thing! We actually had two little old ladies on FaceTime. Both had wanted to come but had health problems. Gotta love technology! Life is great! Somehow I feel even busier than planning the wedding! My new job is great, but very intense – I find myself wishing I had a bit more free time. I’m really enjoying time with Adam and being married though – it’s pretty awesome. Hope all is well with you! :)

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