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We’re Married!

27 Jan
photo (18)

The teaser pic from our photographer.

Hellllooooo!!!  A big hello from the new Mrs!  We did it – we officially got married!  And I’m happy to report everything went off without a hitch.  Well, we did get hitched… har har har.  The day was lovely and we’re just so excited to be married.  Le sigh.

Anyways, we just got back from our honeymoon in Key West and I’m in packing overdrive mode  lazily packing things while watching TV to get ready to join my husband in Nashville, TN.  Lots of excitement to report.  :)

I’ve got some more wedding thoughts/tips/details posts coming up once things settle down.  But in the meantime… some proof that it happened!!  Note: Settling for iphone pictures until the official photos are back!  Enjoy :)

photo (27)

Friday started with getting pretty nails.

photo (28)

My sister and I at the rehearsal dinner.

photo (26)

Saturday morning started with Starbucks!! A very close friend was my “bridal coordinator” which meant she managed my timeline. She’s a boss.

photo (29)

Getting all dolled up.

photo (30)

Once I was dressed we did some solo bridal portraits and pictures with my family.

photo (31)

We went to the public library to take most of our pictures because it’s gorgeous and offered great indoor and outdoor spaces. Yep… needed for a January wedding.

photo (32)

So excited to see how the video and photos turn out!

photo (35)

We did all of our formal and family photos before the ceremony.

photo (37)

You may kiss the bride!

photo (12)

We did it! Officially married!

photo (13)

Hooray :)

photo (33)

Touching up before the reception.

photo (34)

With my Matron of Honor, Carolina.

photo 1 (1)

Getting ready to cut our cake!

photo 2

Can you see the devious thoughts on my face?? ;)

photo 5 (2)

My beautiful sister gave an awesome speech. Who knew she was so funny???

photo (36)

On the stage with the band!

It feels pretty awesome to be married, and it was just such a lovely day.  More later…hope all is going fabulously!!

– Mrs. Kelly


Make-up and Hair Trials!

8 Jan

Today is the LAST double digit countdown day before our wedding.  Did you read that!?  Just TEN days to go.  Seriously, where did the time fly?  I feel like it has gone by in an instant, yet also has slowly and painfully crawled by…  if that’s possible.  On the wedding front things are feeling fairly under control (winning).  My new full time job is the wedding/moving/packing, and my days have been very full.  It’s a nice full though.  I’m plenty busy, but I’m working toward an awesome and exciting deadline.  (and the incentive prize is a week in Key West!)

Today and yesterday I’ve spent labeling, boxing, and organizing all of our reception decorations.  Adam and I have been doing them all ourselves, and borrowed most of the them from a close friend.  We are having family/friends set it all up the morning before the wedding  so I’m working meticulously to make things as clear and as organized as possible (gosh I wish I could set it all up myself on Friday, grrr).  My boxes include labels with table numbers, pictures of the final setup look, and room layout.  Essentially, I’m trying to make it fool proof.  And more importantly, easy on our helpers.  We are SO appreciative of them helping that we want the setup process to be as stress free and “fun” as possible.

photo (11)

Ooo the start of fun wintery centerpieces!

Another big task this week is sending out individual timelines to all involved parties.  Which in our case, is a lot of people.  I haven’t completed this task, but I’ve made a good dent and should have them all out by Friday.  I’ve helped out with many weddings, and there is nothing more stressful than not knowing what is expected of you.  These timelines should help people understand the key points where they are needed (ie. alerting family of family photos, alerting singers of rehearsal times).  Here’s to an easy day!

Who knew there were SO many logistics in planning a wedding!?  I do a lot of organization and planning in my work-life, so I feel skilled to handle the job… but holy moly, I can TOTALLY see why people hire wedding planners.  I honestly thought they were a frivolous luxury, but if you aren’t an organizer or don’t have a lot of helpers, it really would be a huge, huge help.  Especially if you have a lot of moving pieces like ours has turned out to have…oops.

We are hiring a day-off coordinator (different than a planner turns out) who will help us set up/tear down the reception and be there to put out any fires.  We found our gal through a friend of a friend.  She’s super sweet and is in college working to build her wedding experience portfolio.  It’s a win/win for both of us (not super expensive for us, and lots of experience for her!).  Best money spent, I feel so relieved I don’t have to bark orders in my wedding gown.  Nicely bark.  Efficiency people.  But even sweetly barking brides in a wedding dress somehow come off as a Bridezilla.  We definitely don’t want people to think I’m cray – I’m just passionate about organization!


My 3rd most important task this week: checking for wedding blizzards.

Anyways, it’s been a fun week, and I’ve truthfully been so busy it hasn’t really sunk in that my last day of work was Friday.  I still feel full-time!   Full-time WEDDING!

One exciting piece of the wedding process recently came together and I’m just thrilled with the outcome.  I had my hair and make-up trials!  WOOT!  Now I know what I’m going to look like.  That’s a pretty fun feeling to be able to picture the day with those details.


Because I’m a make-up snob I went with the highly rated (with the highly corresponding price) make-up place here in Indy.  And after my make-up trial, I’m thrilled that I did.  I’ve always felt like I could do a pretty solid job on my make-up, but when I walked out of my trial I felt like royalty (WAY better than I could’ve done).  She did a super job and really focused on the things I wanted: strong brows, even fresh skin, a deep lip, fabulous lashes (individual lashes, not the strip).  I can’t wait to see the final product on W-day!


Oh. my. brows. I love eyebrows.


Surprisingly, I ended up being pickier on my hair trial than I was for my make-up trial.  I think this is because I didn’t have a 100% clear vision on the look.  I knew roughly how I wanted, but couldn’t articulate the exact hairstyle.  I ended up having two hair trials because my lady is so sweet and accommodating.  The first trial went well, but I ended up thinking it was a bit too simple.  I wanted something with a bit of “Wow” factor without screaming “hey I’m going to prom!”  My thinking was old hollywood glamour.  The vintage look is very popular now and I’ve always styled my hair in vintagey swoops, that I knew it would be  a good fit.  Plus a lot of those hair styles are very classic and elegant which is exactly the adjectives I’m going for!

photo 1


photo 5 (1)

Side! oooo look at all that lovely swoopage.

photo (9)

Some soft details that hopefully don’t scream PROM!

So what do you think??  (Note: it’s too late to have a bad opinion, if you hate it lie like you’ve never lied before.  IT’S STUNNING KELLY, would work quite well).

Excited to see the final combined result??  Hard to believe it’s just around the corner!  My vision of “classic, elegant” bride is coming together and I’m so happy with the results so far!


My final detail that I just finished up today is a hair clip made from pieces of my Mom’s veil/headpiece.  I’m so happy with my handiwork and it will be SO special wearing a bit of the SAME thing she wore down the aisle. Oh gosh, the tears are already coming.  I’m going to be a mess.  This puppy will tuck into the back of my hair and peek out.

photo (10)

I’m a crafty lady.

Anyways, wedding progress is great and I’m still alive! :)  More later and hope you’re having an awesome week!


Being a Genuine Blogger

6 Jan

Blogging is funny.  It just is.  When I sit and think about it, honestly it’s kind of nuts. I’m sharing stories and experiences from my life to just be read by WHO KNOWS out on the intarwebs.  I’ve often asked myself the ultimate blogger question: are you automatically vain/a narcissist if you’re a blogger?  Which always gets me thinking about why I started a blog, why I keep blogging, and why I read blogs.  (the whole narcissist thing is another question for another time – haven’t worked through that one myself yet).

I’m so vain, you probably think this blog is about me, don’t you don’t you?  

Okay humor clearly isn’t my strong suit. (though I must stay I’m still chuckling about my song to myself :)).

I’ve come to the conclusion that I love reading blogs because I love relating to other people.  I love learning about other life experiences.  I love the inspiration that comes from reading blogs.  And most importantly I love the ability to connect with other people.  There’s definitely a community feeling when it comes to blogging.  And it’s pretty cool.

I love writing my blog because I like putting out my experiences out there for others going through something similar.  There’s something very basic and human about “hey she’s experiencing that, cool it’s normal.”  It’s something that I have found in other blogs “oh good, glad to know I’m not the only one.”  It’s a very unifying feeling.  By nature I feel like I’m a “helper” – I work in corporate training so I’m always teaching and coaching people through learning something new, it’s in my genes perhaps.  This blog has been a way to potentially help people going through similar things (planning a wedding, dealing with an injury, learning not to hate yoga, lifting weights). Another reason I love blogging is because I enjoy creating things – it’s really fun to see something grow from the ground up.  And selfishly, it’s kind of cool to have a record of life.  Something I imagine will come in handy when my memories have faded.  Yeah so I guess there’s that narcissist piece ;)

Whenever I ponder all these “blogging life universe questions” one common thread runs through my thoughts: genuineness.  Whether it’s in the blogs I read, the blogs I enjoy most, or in my own posts there is nothing I love more than someone (or myself) being genuine.  Being real.  Being relatable.  Being you (or me, in my case).  So here are my top ways to be a genuine blogger.

  1. Be yourself.  Blog your own blog. Use your own voice.  In the beginning of blogging I often had the thought “well this seems to be what people do, so I should do that!”  And while it’s awesome to get inspiration from different types of blogs and posts, the most important thing is that it’s YOUR blog and you don’t have to follow a formula.  You don’t have to fit a mold.
  2. Blog about what you’re passionate about.  This has been a big one I’ve struggled with.  I started this mainly as a running blog (yeah with lifting and other jazz thrown in).  But, it’s sort of tough to blog about running when you can’t run.  Womp. And honestly my injury has been kind of depressing – I don’t want to blog about something depressing (at least all the time).  I want to share feelings of genuine interest and excitement.  This is why I don’t feel too badly about blogging about the wedding or other ramblings.  It’s something I care about and it’s my blog so it just makes sense to blog about it.  You can’t really fake passion. Is there anything worse than boring posts about something you can clearly tell the writer isn’t jazzed about?  It’s like a high school English paper.  Doing it because you have to.
  3. Build blog friendships naturally. This is a tricky one.  I know that one of the most recommended ‘tactics’ for getting more readers is through comments on other blogs.  I learned this from other blogs haha.  But here is the thing, it seems really disingenuous to put repeated comments on blogs you aren’t super interested in.  One thing I’ve tried to do is only comment repeatedly (you know, like completely barrage) on blogs that I really enjoy and connect with. Somehow that feels more real and straight forward.  That way I’m not trying to just gain something from a blog, I’m actually starting a connection or a friendship from it.  Not to say I haven’t ever once commented on a blog I don’t follow or read regularly – that’s totally great.  Comments are fun and don’t automatically equate to ulterior motives.  I just mean that I don’t want to view comments as a bartering tool.  I’d rather look at them as ways to connect.
  4. Blog posts that aren’t just for an audience.  It’s important to write things that are interesting and relate-able, and I always strive to do that (yeah I know I sometimes miss the mark, GAH wedding brain)- but that doesn’t mean blog ONLY about things that will get some huge stats and millions of followers and help you take over the world (wahaha cue evil laughter).  Because it’s often when you TRY for it, that it can come off as potentially fake.  I honestly think there’s a balance between ‘blogging for you’ and ‘blogging for an audience.’  The balance is really the sweet spot – at least that’s what I find in blogs I enjoy most.  For example a healthy mix of some recipes or workout tips (something one blogs for an audience, to help, to share) but also sharing a personal life experience (maybe blogged for the blogger to release some emotions, work through something etc) is my favorite blend.  You can relate to the blogger (and feel connected), but also feel like it’s interesting and you can learn something too.
  5. Be willing to be open.  Now I don’t mean SHARE EVERYTHING….because that’s a whole ‘nother disaster zone.  I just mean be willing to share some bad with the good.  If I came here everyday like GUYS, I worked out every single day, ate perfectly, and managed to keep my life 100% together this week… it would seem, well, a little impossible.  And likewise if I came here like a negative nancy bohooing about who knows what every day, that also seems a bit impossible too – really, nothing is good in your life negative Kelly? I try to be honest and share some real struggles (like my knees or anxiety about being skinny enough to play Judy).  They aren’t super fun but they’re also a real part of my life.  That just seems genuine to let people in a bit.  I also like to be positive and share some of the fun, great things!  Because happiness bears more happiness.  It’s contagious!  And those are the types of feelings I like to spread.  Magical rainbows, butterflies and unicorn vomit for ALL!  Yeah, I know.  It’s a problem.

Well there you have it – some of the things I’ve learned in my 10 months of blogging.  I know, I’m quite the expert.  What can I say.  I’ve loved blogging (except when I’m tired of it) and it’s been such a fun way to make new friends, learn new things, and feel new inspiration every day.  What do you love about blogging? Hope your 2014 is off to an awesome start!


How are you a genuine blogger?  Is my list whack?  Do you have more to add?  Is being genuine overrated?

Helloooo 2014!

2 Jan

I’m a big goals person.  I love to do lists.  I love tracking and information.  The new year is awesome because it’s a mental reset: a way to say goodbye to one year and hello to a new one full of opportunities and hope.  There is just something so refreshing about a clean slate.  With a busy, busy (and incredibly exciting) 2013 behind me, I’ve started thinking a bit about what I want 2014 to look like.  Some of my biggest lessons of 2013:

You Can’t Plan Everything

I had big hopes and dreams to hit a sub 1:50 half-marathon this fall.  My spring half-marathons were strong, my running kept getting faster and faster.  I was training smarter and better than ever before.  Better nutrition, better strength training, better mileage.  In my head I knew I had that sub 1:50 in the bag – bring it on Indy Monumental Half!  Well the race has come and gone, without me running it, and definitely not hitting any time goals.  With my knees, I probably would’ve considered myself lucky to finish it by walking.  And you know what my take away is?  It’s okay. Sometimes life can be a little unexpected, but honestly that’s the beauty in it too.  I WILL get my knees strong again and I will run again.  And when I do, I can stand proud knowing all the effort it took to get there.  One thing Chalene says at the end of her workouts that always sticks with me: “Aren’t you proud of yourself?  You can walk away proud knowing the effort you put into this workout.”  I may have to be patient and it may be a lot of effort, but I’ll get there with my knees and I’ll be proud!

You Can’t Have it All (…but treasure what you have)

This was a full year for me, stuffed with lots of highs personally.  I got engaged, got a dream part in a musical, and made countless amazing memories with friends and family.  2013 was particularly sweet to me.  But I also didn’t finish a lot of things I set out to do (fix my knees, spend more time cooking, train for a full marathon again, etc.).  And you know what?  That’s okay. As a type A, it can be easy to look back and say “But I didn’t complete this or that. Boohoo, wah.”  But seriously folks, how much better does it feel too look at the positive?  So today I celebrate what did happen and let go of any unfinished business.  HOLY COW look what happened this year.  It was AMAZING.  That’s what I want to take away from 2013 and really treasure.  And as far as that unfinished business…. that’s what next year is for :)  So here’s to a positive reflection and realizing you can’t “have it all” and holy moly, that’s okay!!

Love is Sweet

2013 was my first year back in my home state of Indiana after several years in different places.  It was so wonderful spending time with family and friends in close proximity.  What a difference that can make!  It was a true reflection on how much those relationships matter to me.  Not to get super mushy on you, but all you need is love.  Love from family and friends is the most precious thing, and something I had the chance to really treasure this year.  Here’s to bringing that love with me to Nashville and remembering to always prioritize those relationships!  It’s easy to take for granted, but I always want to push myself to spend time and energy on loved ones, even if I’m more than a quick car ride away.

2014 Goals

I want to keep it simple and sweet.  2014 will bring SO many changes that I honestly don’t know what awaits me, kind of hard to make goals when you don’t have a clear idea of the future.  A mix of thrilling and scary to say the least!  Here are my top “things I’d like to do”  – maybe I shouldn’t call them goals, more guidelines!

  1. Find resolution (or peace) with my knees.  I want to get more serious about a solution and spend some real time and energy getting back in the game.
  2. Complete P90X3 with Adam. Keep health and fitness a priority even when the wedding is done!
  3. Enjoy married life with Adam.  Soak up our first year as newlyweds and cherish time together.
  4. Find a yoga studio in Nashville.  Ready to take this yoga thing to the next level!
  5. Make time for the important people in my life.  2013 was pretty selfish (by nature of having so much going on), I’m ready to spend more time on friends/family in ways that have nothing to do with a wedding. :)

Alrighty kids, lets start off 2014 with a bang!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


What are some of your goals for 2014?  Do you like making goals?  Or are you sick of rehashing the old year and planning for the next one?