P90X Phase 2 Results!

1 Apr

Adam and I have successfully completed Phase 2 of P90X!  Can I get a hallelujah? We are feeling very pleased with our progress and overall are extremely happy with the program.  Here are the results and highlights!

These results are based on following the nutrition guide (with a few cheat meals such as Match Day, a cast party, a little bit of Easter candy etc), running 3 times a week (Kelly), and doing a minimum of 6 workouts per week (sometimes 7).

Phase 2 Tape Measure Results:

(Kelly in blue, Adam in green, in inches. Phase two results are followed by total results in parentheses.)

Waist:    -.5 (-2)      -.5 (-2.25)

Chest:      -1 (-2)      +.5 (+1.5)

Hips:      -.5 (-1)       -.5  (-1.5)

Calf:          0 (0)           0 (0)

Bicep:     -.5 (0)        -.25 (-.25)

Body Fat Percentage:

(We just got our fat caliper about a month ago, we have no previous recordings)

Kelly: -2%

Adam: -2%


I finally found a scale!  I’m still trying not to focus on a weight number, and spend more energy focusing on overall fitness, feeling, and inches.  Because of this philosophy, I haven’t weighed myself at every milestone.  However, I weighed myself at the very beginning of the whole journey in October (beginning of round 1 or ‘pre90x’ as I’m calling it… now I’m on round 2).  From then until now I’ve lost 8 lbs.  I was shocked!!  I’m thrilled with the number, and it’s a true reflection of all the hard work put in.  I’m also pleased because it’s been very slow and steady weight loss – the best kind.

Adam has also lost weight – somewhat to his dismay.  He lost 10 lbs and both of us audibly gasped at his number.  Adam is naturally very thin (poor thing ;)) and now weighs slightly more than he did his freshman year of college.  This is a little bit of a yikes.  He was in level 2 for the nutrition plan, but we’ve both agreed he needs to significantly increase his calories.  What a problem to have, right??  He certainly looks thinner, but we weren’t concerned because he looks more toned and muscular and feels great.  You really can lose weight on P90X!


My pace is consistently sub 9 minute miles .  In fact I haven’t had a run over 9 minute miles in a month at least.  This is still hugely surprising for me.  P90X has definitely made me faster!  My average pace previous to P90X was 9:30-10:30 and now I’m about a full minute faster at an average 8:30-9:15.  That’s pretty amazing to me.  My asthma being under better control could also be a factor – so it might not be 100% P90X.  But I can’t wait to see what Phase 3 will bring.


60 day results

These results are just from “round 2.” Slow and steady progress!

Our results since October.  Slow and steady!

From Halloween to now!

It’s a little tough to see the results from Halloween – but this was the best picture I could find!  During that time period I had a knack for deleting anything that didn’t have a nice angle.  That is the nice thing about life now – I don’t get stressed when I see a camera!  I’ll post more pictures in my Phase 3 results when we “graduate” from P90X in May.

Low Points of Phase 2

  • Adam needing to hide food from me because my cravings were out of control. Yeah that’s low – not my proudest moment.
  • Eating wayyyy too many m+ms at a cast party – missing the control focused days of Phase 1!
  • A super slow run on a very cold, sick day.  Glad that’s behind me.
  • Not feeling quite as motivated as I was in Phase 1.  Hoping the switch up to Phase 3 will bring rejuvenation.

Highlights of Phase 2

  • I did my first pull-up!  Just this past week I did 12 pull-ups in one workout (not consecutively).  What an improvement (from zero).  :)
  • I did all the moves in Ab Ripper X – including the bonus Mason Twists!
  • My first 10K – and a fast one at that.  Definitely starting to consistently notice increased speed.
  • I tried on bridesmaid dresses (for my brother’s wedding) without having a complete meltdown!  Every dress was okay :)
  • Adam was matched to Nashville and we celebrated with a little bit of non-P90X approved food.
  • Adam and I were in a musical and still managed to find the time to fit in all our workouts.

Coming up: Phase 3

Phase 3 is the last phase in P90X and will bring more carbs – it’s a total change in the diet plan!  It’s been interesting to see our bodies react to the different ratios of protein and carbs.  With all this running, I’m certainly happy to be in the higher carb phase now.  Additionally, I’m excited to go back to our original videos – the workouts from week one.  Looking at our workout sheet today, we blew reps out of the water.  Going from 5 “regular” push-ups (which I was incredibly proud of at the time) to 20 in one set is amazing.  It’s very clear this is working!  The progress is incredibly empowering and motivating; it has made all the early mornings worth it.

I’ll keep you posted on the next 5-7 weeks and our progress.  Traditionally, Phase 3 is five weeks, but we have a vacation and race week/graduation in there so we’ll have to do some modifying to make it work.  We’re a little bummed at the timing, but hey, that’s life!

Keep bringing it!


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