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Wedding Updates!

24 May

Because it’s Friday, tomorrow’s my birthday, I finished P90X, and I plain just want to… here are some wedding updates! (Are you sensing my guilt at a completely non-running/healthy-living related post??)  For those of you that crave fitness-only related posts, I’ll give you a teaser: P90X Final Results Post to come early next week.  I plan to work on it during the drive up to my parents’ house this weekend.  Since it will be one of my last P90X posts in awhile, I want to make it a good one!

Why so busy planning?

Adam and I have been very busy with wedding planning.  In fact, we’re relieved that we get a little bit of a break from a regimented workout program just to allow for all the time we need for planning.  Here’s the deal: we’re trying to get as much planned as humanly possible before June 11 (the day Adam moves to Nashville).  We are on the sprint version of wedding planning. Adam loves planning and frankly… it kind of stresses me out.  For both our sakes we want him involved :)  Once he leaves, I’m anticipating the hospital “will own him” and I won’t have access to him like I do now.  Kelly, I can’t talk to you about which shade of flower is better…trying to take care of my patient who just had a stroke. Yeah – talk about a little perspective.  Because of this we’ve been on a roll making decision after decision and working to get our to-do list down to a minimum!


The hardest decision of all has been made!  We settled on our photographer!  Can I get a hallelujah?  This decision has been particularly difficult for several reasons.  The first – my Dad is super into photography.  He is kind of a photog-nerd.  He knows a lot about it and really enjoys it.  I wanted to select a photographer that my Dad not only approved of, but liked as well.  The second reason – I’m super into photography.  I love it and dabbled with it a lot in high school and college.  I haven’t spent much time on it in a few years, but long ago I even played around with the idea of becoming a wedding photographer.  So you might say I’m slightly more critical than the average person.

So the search began!  I started googling and pouring over galleries.  I already had a few photographers in mind as well (from my time of exploring the wedding photography career).  I literally cannot tell you how many wedding photos I have looked at in the last 2 weeks.  My eyes feel criss-crossed, so it’s been just a few ;)  A friend of mine texted me a few days after we got engaged with a recommendation.  I looked her up and BAM!  I knew right then and there that this could be the photographer for us.  We contacted her and I knew again…this could be it!  She is patient, helpful, super sweet, and wonderful to work with.  She took my neurosis about photography in stride and made both of us feel so comfortable and downright excited to work with her.  Adam and I took our time and kept discussing it.  In the end we made the right decision for us and booked Emily Weis Photography.  You can check out her blog here.  We love her work and can’t wait to have her as a part of our day.

Engagement Pictures

Now that the hard part is over, an even harder part is upon us: our engagement shoot!  We have it scheduled in just a couple weeks and I can’t tell you how excited I am.  The only issue – I prefer picking out running outfits over cutesy clothes!  Don’t get me wrong- I love stylish clothes…I’m just not the greatest at picking them out or knowing what to wear.  So bring on your ideas!  Any suggestions on what to wear for our engagement shoot?  Emily suggested 3 outfits: one dressy, one casual, and one whatever.  I’m thinking solid colors would probably be best.  I’ll probably go shopping next week – say a little prayer for me!  Perfect timing on the whole P90X thing – what an ideal time to be in shape!  I imagine all the upcoming events will give me even more motivation when I start Insanity in a week!


We’ve settled on January 18th for the big day!  Yes we do realize that January is in the winter :)

Our reasons:

  • We want to get married soon! (Isn’t there a quote…when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible!)
  • We like the winter
  • It’s “off-season” for weddings – people won’t be sick of weddings in the middle of winter!
  • It’s almost a month after the holidays – something fun to look forward to in the middle of blah winter and hopefully enough time after holiday craziness
  • What a great time to take a little trip or vacation for our anniversary in the future!  Beach in January?  Absolutely!
  • Discounted rates: our band and reception site were more reasonable and have made things that would’ve been out of our price range, in our price range in January.
  • It’s MLK weekend so some folks may get an extra day off – easier for traveling.

Engagement Book

With all the wedding planning things have been just slightly hectic.  As a little surprise this week, Adam put his proposal into a treasurable format!  He added all the post-its and some photos into an album.  It’s perfect timing for a weekend with my family.  Now we have a little book to remember our amazing day!



Birthday fun and Memorial Day weekend

Another delightful May weekend (it’s officially the best month) is ahead!  Adam and I get to spend the long holiday weekend with both sets of our parents at the lake.  It should be a wonderful time and I can’t wait to get to spend time with everyone.  It’ll be the first time in swimsuits around our families since P90X – let’s see if anyone notices our changes since last summer!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)