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How to “Propose” to your Bridal Party!

22 Aug

Happy Thursday folks!   Let’s have a little wedding post Thursday!  Can you believe it’s almost the weekend?  I for one am breathing a big sigh of relief on that one.  I feel like I’m getting into wedding “crunch-time.”  Now many of you know my wedding isn’t until January… But I’m also the genius who signed up to do a musical the month before my wedding.  Yeah, interesting life choice.  ;)  So that means the next month or two is my “crunch time!”  I am working feverishly to get things done NOW so I don’t have to think about them LATER.  This is an entirely new concept for the queen of procrastination.  :)

So far the planning has been going pretty well – I’ve got my google docs and giant spreadsheet to lead the way, but I’ll be honest guys: it is stressful.  There are no two ways to slice it.  It is hard work, and it’s overwhelming.  Especially when you’re planning a 300+ (please dear goodness let more people say no) traditional winter wedding, with just little old you and your fiance (and on a budget for about 100 people).  We’ve been doing a good job of not taking out the stress on each other (hooray!).  Mainly it just ends with me ugly-crying to Adam via video chat over the type of cupcake liners we are using.  Dear goodness that did happen last night.  HAH.  Okay, clearly it’s not just about the liners, it is just the endless amount of little decisions.  People keep saying “it’s your day!  choose what you love!” but want I want to say is “You pick because I just want to marry Adam and am tired of thinking about irrelevant details that don’t matter.”  Hmm… maybe I’m not the best bride.   Is it too late to elope?  I kid.  I think.

Today I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf and just start making decisions LIKE A BOSS!!  Okay, I’ll settle for “reasonably decent decision maker.”  A few weeks ago I did a personality inventory at work as a team building exercise.  It was SO fun and informative. One of my biggest stressers/weaknesses according to the test?  You guessed it: decision-making.  So I’m glad to know what should be stressing me out IS stressing me out.

The funny thing – I’ve been so amped up on wedding anxiety lately that Adam actually asked me if I have still been working out!  HAH.  It’s true, I have been acting like a crazy person that hasn’t been exercising.  But truth be told, I’m plenty anxious that even exercising isn’t cutting out all the stress (yikes).  Maybe I need to go to twice a week yoga instead of once a week :) So this is me taking a zen moment to remind myself that stressing over the most happy day of my life is Dumb (with a capital D).  Because honestly folks, on January 18th, I am not going to give a flying hoot what color my cupcake liners are…so why am I letting myself agonize over them now?  Okay, going with simple white scalloped liners.  Done.  Next decision.  See, I’m learning!  Hmm.. but the blue polka dot ones are soo fun.  GAH.  (Do you see the cycle starting??)

Anyways, the end result will be fleeeeeping awesome!  But, it’s just a long journey to get there.  As I’m sure many of you can agree?  Any words of encouragement or advice to share?  And in other, more positive news: look a picture of SHOES!  Wedding shoes!


My shoes came in! I ordered them online (on sale for 30 bucks, originally like a million) and they FIT and are comfortable and it is TRUE LOVE!

Proposing to Your Bridal Party

And now, the whole purpose of my post: How to propose to your wedding party!  I have a pretty small bridal party (my sister, sister-in-law-to-be, and 2 flower girls).  They are all family so I wanted to find a special way to invite them to be a part of the day (instead of the usual ‘forced fun’ my family normally operates).  This gesture was mainly to get them excited, feel involved, and know how excited I am to have them be a part of it all.  So I decided to “propose” via Ring Pop.  I saw a fancier version of this on Pinterest, but being somewhat budget savvy I decided to do a bit cheaper version.  Here’s what you need:


  • Ring Pops (around 50-75cents, depending on the number you buy)
  • Padded mailing envelopes (around 80 cents each)
  • Ribbons or fun fillers! (around 2 dollars for all, but you could be creative with this one)
  • Small card (1 dollar each)


  1. Write a nice meaningful note to your ladies.  Be sure to include, “Will you be my …” so the whole “proposal” thing is clear.  Makes it cutesy.  Oh you know how cutesy stuff is loved!
  2. Address your mailing envelops to each of your ladies.
  3. Put your note, ring, fun fillers/ribbons, and whatever else into the envelope.
  4. Seal is all up and send!

All of my materials ready to go!


My note ‘proposing’ to my flower girl Gabriela!


All packed up and ready to be mailed!

SO easy and pretty budget friendly.  The thought, effort, and snail-mail aspect go a long way!  And honestly, it was pretty fun and exciting to mail them off.  Yay for weddings! :)