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I joined The Twitter.

1 May

Announcement!  Anti-Twitter-forever Kelly has joined The Twitter!!  (yes I know it’s not called The Twitter, but it sort of makes me chuckle every time I say it).  Why the change of stance you ask?  Well…this past weekend, several of my blogger friends had races, and it was so easy to see their race updates right on their blog home page via Twitter.  It was much shorter, faster, and easier than waiting for a full blog post (I know… terrible to wait those 2-3 days to get the full report).  It was something I could check while on the run, and something in the future I could post on the run (pun not intended, I’m not that clever).  i.e. “I had an amazing race, running is the best!”  or “I got a PR” or “Lunch after races is the best thing in the entire world!” or “That Insanity workout just about killed me” are among potential future tweets.  So I decided to sign up in order to get and give those quick updates.  Don’t worry – this new techno phenomenon is not replacing my blog, more just supplementing it.


You can follow me @racesrepsramble on Twitter or just see the updates here on the blog homepage.  So far I have 1 follower (my sister) and 2 tweets – so it’s a pretty rocking place to hang out.  In order to know how to even tweet (note: not called ‘sending a twitter’ – thanks Adam for that tip) I used this helpful post: Mom, this is how twitter works.  As you can see, I’m already extremely skillful at The Twitter.  At very least it will be a fun experiment :) See you around the Twittersphere! (or just here on the homepage…)


Do you use Twitter?  How often do you post?  How often is annoying?  Should I be scared?  Any helpful tips?