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P90X General Tips Part 2

22 May


Adam and I recently finished up P90X and are officially P90X Grads!  Woot!  I’m working on compiling photos, measurements, and a review of the program for a post later this week (aren’t you excited??).  In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few more tips from an experienced grad ;)  Enjoy!

  • Use the workout sheets.  Use them religiously.  Fill them out and don’t forget!  This is such a motivator week after week, and they truly give you a baseline.  I highly recommend it.  Bonus tip: there are sheets for Core Synergistics and Ab Ripper…I discovered this last week after around 6 months of P90X.  Great timing.
  • Plan your time to workout and stick to it.  Our P90X time is the morning.  Adam and I got into the routine that our workout always took place then.  It helped create routine and that feeling of “dang we missed our workout” if we switched to the afternoon.  Though our usual time was the morning, we did switch to the afternoon if we had conflicts or needed extra sleep.  Any of these switches were planned at least a day in advance.  It’s easy in the morning to say “let’s work out in the afternoon.”  All afternoon switches had to be pre-approved :)
  • Start P90X during a time you can commit to 90 days.  In our case we knew we’d have a vacation right in the 2nd to last week of P90X.  We pushed the end of our P90X round out another 2 weeks (due to my race and vacation).  In hindsight Adam and I both wish we would’ve just moved it up a week (to finish before vacation).  It has been really hard to maintain that same level of motivation (P90X is intense) for what now is almost 3 weeks longer than is prescribed (pushed back a couple days due to our engagement).  Pushing back your workouts up to one week is reasonable (sickness, vacation, etc.). Any more than that, and it’s really hard (especially if you’re nearing the end).   Obviously life happens, and flexibility is needed; however, if you’re in the planning stages, this is something to consider.  But don’t use this as an excuse not to start – we’re all busy people!
  •  Modify! Throughout my time doing P90X, I’ve had to do some modifications due to my knees and running schedule: that’s okay!  Tony says in the video to modify the moves if you’re not ready and this advice is so important.  Don’t injure yourself because ‘you want to complete all the moves.’  It’s better to start out easier and allow improvements as you get stronger.
  •  Think about your photo outfit before you take pictures.  I started out with some shorts that in hindsight I wish I hadn’t used.  They don’t really show how much I’ve changed and they really hit me in a bad place (talk about muffin top even if I was skin and bones).  I wish I would’ve done two sets of pictures.  One in a sports bra and underwear (just for personal tracking) and one other set in something I wouldn’t mind people seeing me in like shorts and a small tanktop (I tend to be more modest, essentially something you’d be comfortable sharing with family and friends).  I want to share my results with people but my outfit choice leaves me not really wanting to share it!
  •  Don’t get discouraged if you have some speed bumps.  Along my journey I’ve seen a lot of awesome improvements, but I’ve also had some setbacks nutritionally and physically.  There were weekends where I didn’t stick quite as closely to the nutrition plan as prescribed (oops).  I didn’t let that stop me from moving forward and working to continue to make good decisions.  My knees caused me a lot of issues, but I didn’t use that as a reason I couldn’t continue – I just modified and made it work.  A healthy lifestyle is not about perfection – it’s about doing your best and making it work!
  •  Take a break when you’re done!  Adam and I are planning a week and a half off of our workout/eating schedule.  We are both totally ready for a break: mentally and physically.  And we’ve kicked butt for over 90 days – we deserve to let loose a little!  The key is to not go overboard.  Ironically I was so ready to be done with P90X just yesterday, but now that this is my first day post-P90X I packed my same lunch and don’t have a huge desire to run out and eat ice cream or change my routine.  It’s my birthday this weekend so I will definitely splurge a little, but now that I’m realizing I can eat that way (no more P90X telling me not to)…I don’t want to as much!
  •  Don’t compare your results to others.  It’s great to look up results for other P90X-ers, but don’t let yourself play the comparison game.  It never ends well and usually makes you feel worse about your results.  Adam and I might not have had as huge results as others, but we probably have better results than some (and roughly the same as others).  Just like everything in life there will always be someone out there with better results (and prettier and thinner and happier and this or that).  Enjoy your unique results – celebrate yourself!  Just because someone has better results than you doesn’t mean your results aren’t awesome!  It’s easy to get discouraged when playing the comparison game, so try to avoid it.

  •  Put in the work – it will pay off.  If you commit fully to the program, you will get amazing results.  Track your food and calories, do your workouts, really push it, and you will be so happy you did.  Adam and I are really proud of our efforts.  It’s been an awesome experience!
  • Plan the next step!  It’s so exciting for me to have finished P90X, but it also helps knowing I will be starting Insanity in a week and a half.  This is helping me stay on track, but also really enjoy my downtime.  I’m hoping with all that time away from regularly scheduled workouts I will be itching to get back at it!


Have you done P90X?  What advice would you share?