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Sports Bra Engagement

10 May

Happy Friday everyone!  Races, Reps, and Ramblings is going to take a slight pause on fitness-dedicated content for a little engagement story!  If you hate mushy stories or long, detailed posts consider yourself warned!  If you can’t get enough of ’em, read on!

Thursday May 9, 2013, started out like any other morning: bright and early with a workout!  Except because it was a Thursday, it meant one of my favorite workouts to hate: Yoga.  I have a love/hate relationship with Yoga, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled about waking up for it.  I managed to get out of bed and change into some comfy pants and my favorite neon yellow sports bra.  Because my apartment has been so hot lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of just wearing a sports bra to workout.  I thought for a second about grabbing a shirt, but usually with yoga it hangs over my head and kind of drives me crazy.  I went to the bathroom to finish up.  After getting ready I came out to the living room where Adam and I normally do our P90X at-home workout DVDs.  Whoever is ready to workout first earns the job of work-out set-up.   Adam is more of a morning person and is usually ready faster than me, easily winning the coveted ‘setter-upper’ job.  So at this point I was very accustomed to him setting up the computer with the workout, grabbing waters, and setting up other equipment.  Because I was so slow this particular morning I fully expected the room to be totally ready to go.  When I came out from the bathroom, not only was the room  not set up – but Adam was sitting in a chair playing with his phone!  What the heck!?  I made some comment like “dude – goofing around out here?  Why are you playing with your phone?  We need to get moving!”  Yoga is an hour and a half – we were cutting it close!  He went off to the kitchen to grab some water glasses.

I grabbed my yoga mat (conveniently already pulled out of the closet and ready to be unrolled).  I undid the velcro and let the mat unfold.  It took me a few seconds to register that the inside was entirely covered in post-it notes.  Initially I thought maybe I found something I wasn’t supposed to see.  After all it was a Thursday morning – maybe this was meant to be for the weekend?!  I laughed and unrolled it the whole way and read “The top 100 reasons I love you!” at the top of the mat.  Beneath the title were individual post-it notes with a number on the front and a reason Adam loves me on the inside.  We both sat down and I started reading the notes.  I thought that possibly Adam was building up to this weekend (I had suspicions this might be the weekend for a proposal) or perhaps he was being sweet ‘just because.’  No matter the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through his sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but very sincere reasons that he loves me.  We laughed at some of them and I made a few retorts to others.  A few times I paused to kiss him – there were some very sweet words among the post-its and it took awhile to get through all the reasons (100 is a lot!).  He asked me to read them out loud and we enjoyed sharing our many memories and inside jokes together.  As the numbers got higher and the time got later I realized that we’d probably have to significantly cut yoga short (yes, this was a serious concern on my mind!).  I even thought – maybe we could finish the list after yoga… yep, that really went through my head!  It takes me awhile to wake up in the morning – so my mind was still pretty fuzzy. Once we got in the high 80’s I started getting nervous – was this leading up to a proposal?  Could reason 100 say “Will you marry me?”  I kept lifting the notes, steadily increasing my pace at the end.  98…  99…


I took a deep breath before looking at 100. “Just Because!  Now go open my yoga mat” it read.  Like a kid on a treasure hunt I jumped up and raced to the next clue.  I undid the velcro on Adam’s mat letting it open slowly to the floor.  Out poured dozens of red rose petals, and in the last curl of the mat rested a small brown box.  I lowered the mat below my chin to peek at Adam’s face.  Is this really happening?  Is this what I think it is?  I gave him a look that spelled out my confusion, disbelief, and happiness.  Eventually I bent down and picked up the box.  At some point I started crying and laughing and he took the box from my hands.  Down on one knee he asked me if I would marry him.  I told him a quiet ‘yes’ and he told me ‘say it louder!’ Confused I said ‘Yes! Of course I will marry you.”  I sat down on his knee and gave him a kiss.  My unexpected sitting caused us both to fall over.  We laughed as we fell to the ground and just let the moment sink in.  We chatted for a bit and he asked me “Do you know what date it is?”  I laughed and told him that I didn’t – I had been frantically trying to figure it out in my head (I’m a fan of dates).  He said “It’s 5-9, 5 for you (one of my favorite numbers), and 9 for me (one of his favorite numbers)”  I smiled – it was so thoughtful of him to plan to that level of detail.  After a few minutes he asked, “Do you want to try your ring on?”  I had completely forgotten about the little brown box that he was still holding in his hands.  I eagerly shook my head ‘yes’ and we both sat up to properly put on the ring.  Adam opened the box and I got my first glimpse of the ring.  It was absolutely beautiful!  He took my hand and slid the ring onto my left ring finger.  It was a perfect fit.  The ring was gorgeous: delicate, simple, and sparkly.  I don’t think I could’ve done a better job if I picked it out myself. He picked out the most perfect-for-me ring possible.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!

photo(9)photo(8)Eventually we came out of our dreamy state and I jumped up!  We had to get pictures of the scene!  I took a few snapshots of the post-its and the flowers.  While I was taking pictures Adam told me that behind the workout DVD pulled up on the computer he had been recording the proposal!  I was so happy!  I am a huge fan of recording/photographing things for posterity so was thrilled we’ll have that little keepsake.  Until I realized that for the entire proposal I am wearing my yoga outfit: pants and just a sports bra!  “Adam!!  We can’t show that to our families and friends!”  Adam shrugged and said I was wearing more than a swimsuit would cover – it’s no big deal.  I laughed and realized that I loved it.  He proposed in the perfect way: just us, unconventionally, and he totally caught me off guard!  Plus I love funny stories – now I’ll get to tease him for the rest of our lives that he proposed to me in a neon sports bra.  Hilarious.

Afterwards Adam informed me that we were not going to be doing yoga this morning (bad kids!) and we headed to the kitchen.  He whipped up some chocolate and blueberry pancakes and we both relaxed, enjoying our breakfast together.  Afterwards we took a few minutes and watched the recording of the proposal.  It. Was. Hilarious.  The first part of the video I am barely conscious.  Totally brain-dead.  My voice even sounds exhausted.  Slowly I start waking up as the clip progresses, and it’s so cute to watch it unfold.  The angle isn’t quite perfect because it’s recording from his computer and the audio is a little quiet – but I’m beyond delighted we have a little keepsake of the moment.

We started calling and texting family and friends shortly after, though I was worried people might be concerned something happened!  After all, who calls at 7 am with good news?  A few phone calls were definitely met with some “Well this is unique!” or “That’s interesting!”  I could tell people were a little surprised with the unconventional proposal, but thrilled we’re getting married.  I asked Adam what made him decide this date and time.  “Well, I knew you were suspecting weekends in May, so that was off limits.  I also knew that evening would be a suspect time.  I wanted to pick something you would never suspect.  My criteria: I wanted it to happen soon, be a surprise, and be just the two of us.”  Well – Adam certainly succeeded on all three counts. :)

I went off to work via Adam’s ‘Princess drop-off and pick-up’ with the instruction to be ready at 4:30pm for a surprise evening!  After a day full of lots of concentration and productivity at work (might be a stretch – really… I’m supposed to concentrate after a morning like that?), Adam picked me up.  He was all dressed up and looked so handsome.  He had an umbrella in preparation for the gloomy weather, took my hand, and we started walking downtown around the corner.  A few minutes later we arrived at The Capitol Grille – a very swanky Indy restaurant.  We were fancy people!  Our dinner was absolutely divine and the service was impeccable.  It was very fun to do something so out of the ordinary.  Right on cue, it was pouring when we left, but thankfully we had the umbrella (always prepared that one!) for the walk to the car.  We started driving away from downtown and my curiosity got the better of me: what are we doing and where are we going!?  After about 15 minutes of driving Adam finally let me play 20 questions with him.  After a surprising level of difficulty to figure it out, I realized we were going to see the show “Into the Woods.”  Several of our theatre friends were in the show and we had been talking about going to it for months but never really made it happen.  I was thrilled we had the chance to go!  The show was amazing and it was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.


This weekend is his graduation from med school, and I’m thrilled that lots of family will be in town to celebrate.  My parents get into town this afternoon, and it will be wonderful to celebrate with them.  I’m extra happy that I decided to buy a new dress for the fancy graduation banquet!  The banquet is a served dinner and open bar event for med students, friends, and family.  It’s a built in celebration for us to share our news with our close group here in Indy.  I asked Adam for more details about the planning of the proposal.  He told me he had lunch with my parents about a month ago (driving 2 hours north to meet them).  He said they had a wonderful lunch and granted him their blessing.  I was so happy Adam made that effort – it means so much to me for them to be included.  He also picked out the ring with his Mom – which is special too because I absolutely love his family and I’m happy they were involved as well!  I’m sure more details will come out over the course of the weekend.  For now I’m just trying to enjoy the time and not get too distracted by the beautiful gift on my finger as I type this!  So there it is… the story of how I got engaged in my sports bra on a Thursday morning all before 8am.

Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!