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Ch ch ch changes!

5 Feb

It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks!  With the wedding behind us I’m now focusing on the next major life event: relocating to Nashville, TN.  I’ve made it to The Music City safely and there are no words to express my excitement and contentedness.  It’s just so amazing to be reunited with Adam and live in the same apartment.  We keep reminding each other “Hey I’m your wife/husband and we live here together.” Pinch me. Okay…yeah, vomit.  Sorry.  But seriously, we’re just so thrilled.  All is right again!

photo (4)

Hooray! Officially a Tennessee resident!

Adam is working nights and I still haven’t started my new job yet, so we’re in this strange twilight world land all the time.  But… I’ve been using the time to do all the work that you sort of forget about when you get married: thank you notes, name change stuff, moving stuff, etc. etc.  Most of it requires a lot of paperwork and running around, but I’ve made some decent progress and I’m feeling good!

photo (3)

We also drink out of these fancy glasses when we’re bored.

Speaking of work… I found a new job and I’ll start in a couple weeks!  The position involves a LOT of travel, which I’m excited/scared about.  I used to travel a ton for another job and it makes ‘balance’ in life a very tricky thing.  HOW WILL I BRING MY WEIGHTS IN MY SUITCASE?!?  A crisis I still haven’t settled.  I know being healthy on the road will be a challenge, but something that will force me to be more creative than ever before!  Plus I’m so used to this whole ‘healthy’ thing and I love it.  Well, I love how it makes me feel.  That’s something I definitely don’t want to give up.

Speaking of healthy… as promised I am just giving myself a get out of jail free card and just enjoying food to my heart’s desire.  Honestly the week or so before the wedding I was pretty stressed and didn’t do a good job of “everything in moderation.”  I didn’t really purposefully deprive myself, but let’s just say I was really ready for some pizza after the wedding.  (Note: we did order a pizza the Sunday after the wedding).  But… now that I’ve had my fill of chocolate and chipotle and deliciousness I have been reminded of why I generally try to eat well in the first place (And why I stay away from deprivation: it just makes you want more).  You. Just. Feel. Better.  I’ve toned down the candy this week and I’m already feeling a bit more like myself.  Adam and I are planning to start P90X3 one of these weeks before I start my job and I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.  Though this mental break from exercise and meal planning has been welcome.  I’m a huge fan of planned breaks – it always is a good reminder of why you put in the work to stay healthy in the first place!  Though I do feel a bit rebellious to admit how little I’m exercising and how much chocolate I’m eating. Wahaha. Everybody needs a break right?? :)

And finally… my “bridal style” has been featured on a blog!  I know, right!?  Nuts.  I’m planning on doing a couple wedding posts once I get gather the energy to do it right :)  So in the meantime, check out the blog post with a few of the professional shots!! :)

View More: http://emilyweisphotography.pass.us/kellyandadamblacktiebride

Yay fancy wedding pictures!




Have a great week!