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We’re Married!

27 Jan
photo (18)

The teaser pic from our photographer.

Hellllooooo!!!  A big hello from the new Mrs!  We did it – we officially got married!  And I’m happy to report everything went off without a hitch.  Well, we did get hitched… har har har.  The day was lovely and we’re just so excited to be married.  Le sigh.

Anyways, we just got back from our honeymoon in Key West and I’m in packing overdrive mode  lazily packing things while watching TV to get ready to join my husband in Nashville, TN.  Lots of excitement to report.  :)

I’ve got some more wedding thoughts/tips/details posts coming up once things settle down.  But in the meantime… some proof that it happened!!  Note: Settling for iphone pictures until the official photos are back!  Enjoy :)

photo (27)

Friday started with getting pretty nails.

photo (28)

My sister and I at the rehearsal dinner.

photo (26)

Saturday morning started with Starbucks!! A very close friend was my “bridal coordinator” which meant she managed my timeline. She’s a boss.

photo (29)

Getting all dolled up.

photo (30)

Once I was dressed we did some solo bridal portraits and pictures with my family.

photo (31)

We went to the public library to take most of our pictures because it’s gorgeous and offered great indoor and outdoor spaces. Yep… needed for a January wedding.

photo (32)

So excited to see how the video and photos turn out!

photo (35)

We did all of our formal and family photos before the ceremony.

photo (37)

You may kiss the bride!

photo (12)

We did it! Officially married!

photo (13)

Hooray :)

photo (33)

Touching up before the reception.

photo (34)

With my Matron of Honor, Carolina.

photo 1 (1)

Getting ready to cut our cake!

photo 2

Can you see the devious thoughts on my face?? ;)

photo 5 (2)

My beautiful sister gave an awesome speech. Who knew she was so funny???

photo (36)

On the stage with the band!

It feels pretty awesome to be married, and it was just such a lovely day.  More later…hope all is going fabulously!!

– Mrs. Kelly