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Wedding Planning is for Lovers

28 Jun

In the spirit of following my own advice and not just preaching it – let’s talk about a new hobby! (Quick admission – I broke suggestion 1 this morning and did not take a break from running.  Though I found a Chipotle near Adam’s apartment on my run/walk, so in this case a rule worth breaking).  My new hobby?  Wedding planning! (If you couldn’t tell from the title – also this is your cue that this post has nothing to do with fitness, I didn’t even work it in once.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  It’s Friday :)).

This new hobby of mine has finally become fun, yes dare I say FUN!  Initially it was stressful.  Yes I will admit, I was a little ball of stress.  I feel if I don’t admit it, Adam will come on here and call that out as a blatant lie.  Though he’s pretty busy lately saving people’s lives filling out orientation HR paperwork…so I might be safe from his comments.  Anyways I’ll be honest and say those big decisions were huge stressers.

First we had to decide location (city, state, world???).  Then once we knew where we wanted to get married, we had to figure out where we wanted to get married – a reception site?  A restaurant?  Which church?  Thankfully once we decided on Indianapolis it was pretty easy to pick the church where Adam grew up (I’ve only lived in Indy for a few months, so didn’t really have a place!) and our reception site (‘Cheapest of the nice’ – a great place that will allow us to have our big, fun party we are hoping for!)  All of the other ‘big’ decisions were pretty anxiety-filled as well ‘what if we pick wrong??’  I know, what could be wrong if we end up married at the end of the day?  Somehow these types of decisions were pretty overwhelming.  Now that we have the date, church, reception, photographer, and tons of other little things decided, I’m having fun!  We’ve made it to the fun stuff!  Hallelujah.  These are our recent decisions:


Obviously an important one!  We’ve got an early start on this and settled on the Florida keys!  Neither Adam nor I have been there, so it will be fun and exciting for both of us.  We wanted to stay in the US because we’ll only have about 6 days for the trip (remember, the hospital owns Adam).  With a January wedding we also wanted somewhere very warm.  The Florida keys are pretty much as far south as we can get and still be on US soil (yeah yeah, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, I get it).  Warm weather here we come.  Additionally I have a million hotel points (I used to travel a lot for work) – so we’ll be able to take this trip extremely cheaply.  If I keep earning, I’ll have enough points to cover everything.  Is that not insane???  I still can’t believe that.  Makes me feel warm and tingly inside!  Is it January yet?


Holy awesome – I cannot wait!

Save the Date

With our engagement session behind us, we were free to pick out the photo for our postcard-style Save the Dates.  We settled on postcard-style for several reasons:

  • Cheap – yeah no envelope and we can use post card stamps which are cheaper.  I love saving money :)
  • I want it to be easy to put on a fridge or bulletin board – a postcard is simple and easy to hang.
  • Postcards showcase great pictures well!  I love photos and a postcard is the perfect way to really highlight a great photograph.

This is the photo we’ll be using:

View More: http://emilyweisphotography.pass.us/kellyandadam

Good choice?  I wanted something cute without being too far over the barf line.

Wedding Party

Adam and I have always liked the idea of a small and simple wedding.  Unfortunately for us we have 1000000 mutual friends (we went to college together quite a few years ago), tons of family, and with a wedding in both of our home states…something small and simple isn’t really happening.  We’re excited about our new “bigger wedding” plan and happy we’ll be able to include everyone important to us – but we did want to keep one element of our original “simple and intimate” idea: a small wedding party.  We’ve decided to keep our party to only family with my sister as the MOH and his brother as the Best Man.  My brother will round out his groomsman and my sister-in-law (my brother’s will-be-wife by January) will be my Matron of Honor.  So just two a piece, but we are so close to our family we are thrilled to have them involved.  A lot of our friends are singers and performers so we’ll have lots of them involved in musical ways!  Next week we’ll take a look at bridesmaid dresses – hooray!  I ordered a couple different ones from Target (yes, holy cow they have dresses for only 70 dollars!!!!!! Sorry for the many exclamation points, but seriously – that’s amazing!) and we’ll have a try on and decide party.  Fun :)

This week we’re working on truly finalizing the guest list (I ask, is it ever really final?), working on our registry, and ordering the Save the Dates.  It’s amazing how much fun I’m having now that the hard stuff is over.  Now I could literally pin wedding things on Pinterest for hours.  That may have happened once or twice this week.  Definitely last week on vacation.


Oh well – just 7 months until the big day so I’m going to soak up all the wedding planning/bridal bliss that I can!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!