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Happy Holidays!

30 Dec

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and almost Happy New Year!  Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2013?  Hard to imagine!  Where has this year gone??  I’ve just returned from an awesome week of relaxation with Adam and my family/his family.  It was perfection!  The right bit of relaxing before things start to get crazy (wedding countdown: 19 days).  We did a little of this:


The future husband and I (holy craziness).


Adam and my brother relaxing (we did a lot of relaxing).


Christmas morning! Too many presents!


The girls baking cookies with Grandma.


I napped a record number of places.


The three “kids” together.


Hooray for ice skating! The lake finally froze over enough to skate. It was fabulous.


Getting our workout on.

Back to the schedule!

Between all the cookies, candy, and other various forms of junk food – I must admit it feels pretty good to be back at home and in the swing of my routine again.  It’s fun to enjoy those treats, but dang, it always feels good to get back to normal!  Let’s just say I ate my wedding stress this past weekend and enjoyed more than my fair share of sweets.  So much for “slow and steady wedding prep.”  Fingers crossed that all my weight lifting has upped my metabolism so I don’t have to frantically work to burn all the cookie weight off!


Oh how could I resist!? I never knew my will power was so weak.


Made by little cute hands. I just HAD to eat their cookies! :)

I’m back in my workout routine of a P90X/ChaLean hybrid.  I’m mixing workouts from each program and crossing them off on my super fancy schedule.  One technique that I have always found incredibly helpful (and MOTIVATING!) throughout the years is printing off an actual workout schedule and physically crossing off the workouts.  I did this a lot for marathon training and applied the same principle to the “month before the wedding” training.  I laid out all my workouts and all I have to do is check the schedule and cross it off.  There is something so incredibly satisfying about putting a big X through a completed workout.  It also helps because some mornings I may think “hmm what am I going to do this morning??” and choose the same workouts I like instead of forcing myself to do some variety and even those stinky workouts I don’t like (hello push-ups and ab ripper, I’m talking to you).  I missed a few workouts over the holidays, but did a solid effort and all the ice skating was a nice cardio filler (AND it didn’t hurt my knees, BONUS!).  If you’ve never tried a good old fashioned printed workout schedule, it’s a huge help in motivating and setting a routine.

12-30-2013 10-37-40 AM

My lovely schedule. Can’t wait to keep counting down the days!

Pre-Wedding Relaxation

I also spent a few days down in Nashville with Adam right before coming home.  We used this time to just lay low and enjoy some quiet time together before the madness hits.  We went on daily hour walks (I know, right?!), worked out, grocery shopped, did some light wedding planning, and just took it easy.  We watched movies together and just enjoyed some bonding time.  The last 7 months haven’t been the easiest in terms of spending quality time together.  Between his residency, White Christmas for me, and wedding planning… it’s been a lot on both of our plates.  We’re both really looking forward to the first few weeks of married life just to be together (for more than a day or two at a time) and really reconnect (with no time constraints!).  Le sigh.  It will be great.  I know we’ll definitely have some growing pains as we re-adjust to one another and live together for the first time, but we both can’t WAIT to annoy each other.


Adam made me this beautiful salad!


And I took annoying pictures of him. Fair trade.

Coming Up

This is my last week of work, which is pretty bittersweet.  I love my company and co-workers, and it feels so surreal to say goodbye.  BUT saying goodbye also means it’s time for the wedding and time to be with Adam again.  Both awesome things.  After this week I’m going to go into full on wedding mode.  I am purposefully ending my position two weeks before the wedding in order to complete wedding tasks/pack/etc.  My new full time job will be the wedding!  I’m happy to have some time to do some planning and I know I’m super fortunate to be able to really soak it up and tolerate enjoy it.  I’m excited about the wedding, but I have to admit I’m sort of excited for it to be over (shhh don’t tell anyone).  Eek.  Yeah, wedding planning has never been the most relaxing thing for me so it will be nice to have hobbies and other activities again.  Hallelujah for some free brain space!!  And for having a new husband and lovely memories of a happy day!


Oh yeah, that’s a candy bar mock-up. All the supplies were free (okay borrowed) and I just have to buy the candy.  Sounds good to me! Any reason to have candy is a good one.


Adam got an awesome Christmas present this year!  Come February we’ll start tackling P90X 3 together!!   Can I get a woot!?  We loved our experience with P90X and can’t wait to give this puppy a try.  It’s brand new to beachbody and I’m excited to see how it compares.  It will also be awesome motivation post-wedding to keep active together  …After I enjoy a few weeks of Chipotle lunches and being a total blob of laziness.  Because that just has to happen.  Life has been go, go, go and honestly a few quiet weeks of being lazy and eating more pizza than I probably should, sound like just what the doctor ordered.  Everything in moderation, I say! :)

Hello Tony, excited to see you again too.

Hope you all had a WONDERFUL end of December!


Wedding Friday: My Bridal Shower!

13 Dec

This week has been a cold one here in Indianapolis.  Cold weather AND I have a cold.  Just ridiculous.  I’ve been in full on sickness-hibernation mode between the two.  Send me some healing vibes as I get ready for the last 4 shows of White Christmas!  I’m on the up-swing for sure but my life has pretty much been sleeping, working, sleeping.  And a bit of wedding planning and thank you notes too.  Just for fun.

This past weekend was a happy, happy one for me.  I celebrated another wedding milestone with my bridal shower!  Woot!  My shower was thrown by my moms (my mother and my future mother-in-law) and they did such a fabulous job.  When bridal shower discussions first happened we decided on one joint shower.   I know that with many friend/family groups it can often be easier to throw multiple showers… but with the holidays, White Christmas, and general busy-ness of the season I just figured it might be easier on all parties to just have one joint shower.  It worked out perfectly!  And I must admit, one was the right amount for me!


My sister and I at the shower.

The Moms split up tasks with my mom taking games and half the food and my MIL taking on decorations/favors and the other half of the food.  I’m glad the shower gave them an opportunity to work together on something before the wedding.  I know traditionally the shower is thrown by the bridal party, but with my two sisters spread across the country they didn’t even know if they’d be able to fly here, let alone be available to throw it.  Having Team Mom step in was perfect.  My sister was able to make it and she helped out once she arrived, but it allowed the two retired Moms (aka have a little time on their hands) to have a little fun project to work on together.

The Schedule:

  • 1-1:30: General mingling, getting a plate of food, everyone getting settled.
  • 1:30-2: Games! (with prizes, huzzah)
  • 2-2:30: Gifts
  • 2:30-3:00: Tear down and mingling

I loved the timeline because we had enough time on each activity, but we didn’t have a lot of dead time.  I’ve been to showers that really seem to drag on and I wanted to be respectful of peoples’ time. The Moms did a terrific job planning this out.

The Food!

Team Mom did a great job with a variety of sweet treats and finger food.  It was perfect. Yum, yum.

photo 4(7)

With the whole spread!

photo 1(10)

Wedding dress cookies! So cute :)

photo 5(6)

My yummy cake (from Costco!)

photo 2(10)

Mints and nuts on the table to munch on.

The group going to town.

The Games!

  • Memory: Adam made a special appearance for this bridal version of “Memory”.  We introduced it as ‘sharing the full story of how we met’  but it was really a game. :)  Adam and I have spent months working on “Our Story” which is a booklet a couple pages long and alternates between Adam and I telling the story of how we met.  We plan to have it in the pews for people to read if they are early to the wedding. At the shower Adam and I stood at the front of the group alternating reading our respective sections.  At the end my Mom announced it was a game and created a quiz based on some of the events in the story.  I couldn’t believe how well people paid attention, it was so cool.
  • Door Prize: All the chairs had an envelope taped to the back with one lucky prize winner.  It was fun seeing everyone open their envelopes looking for the winning ticket ;)
  • Bride Survey: My mom emailed me earlier in the week a basic ‘getting to know you’ survey.  Then we handed it out and whoever got the most points won.  Very fun, though lots of the questions were hard!
  • Bride Bingo: This one was great.  Your typical bingo except with words like “groom, rings, vows” etc.  Lots of fun and very themed.

The whole group!

Door prize envelopes on the backs of chairs.

photo 3(10)

Reading “Our Story” together

photo 2(8)

Apparently we had fun.

photo 1(7)

I really don’t remember laughing this hard. Don’t tell Adam. I’m always trying to convince him that his corniness just isn’t funny. Apparently it is…

The Gifts!

Honestly, I tried to open my gifts as quickly as one reasonably could.  Two reasons… one, I felt a bit awkward.  It’s like a birthday party, except it’s not your birthday so I felt a bit weird getting all these gifts!  And two… is it really ever THAT fun watching someone open lots of presents?  I mean it’s fun for a little while, but it can get a bit tiring.  So I kept it snappy, but appropriate and had a great time.  I got some wonderful gifts from my registry and a few things that were a bit more rogue.  It was great.

photo 2(7)

Hello! I am the queen of gifts!

My sister taking record of all the goodies!

The Unexpected

There was only one sort of strange aspect to the shower…I was a little caught off guard by the couple of comments about me needing to cook or pop out babies (Adam and I want to eventually have 3 or 4 kids, so I got plenty of “You better get going!”  Wait… are you not only asking me about my sex life and uterus plans, but you’re also calling me old??  All in one comment.  Lovely).  I had to remind myself several times to just smile and laugh along with it… people really mean well.  But inside I was thinking “PEOPLE YOU ARE NOT GONNA SEE ANY BABIES IN AT LEAST 5 YEARS!!  AND IF YOU DON’T BEHAVE, MAKE THAT 10!!!”  Okay maybe I’m being a little dramatic.  Just not used to people wanting the happenings on my uterus. And the kitchen slave comments were almost more unsettling… “Adam also knows how to cook.  Why is this my sole, lone responsibility??”  Adam and I are a great equal team when it comes to household things, so it was a bit disgruntling to hear those ‘expectations’ thrown down on me.  Especially expectations that aren’t even from Adam!! I had a mini freak out that night asking Adam if things like that were going to change once we got married.  His response? “Kelly, who do you think I am??  We’ve already discussed all of this and we’re an equal team. Getting married isn’t going to change this at all.” I felt a bit better :)  But definitely be prepared that you may get some well-meaning comments from older women if you have a few outspoken ones in the group!


All in all, it was a pretty fantastic shower.  Great friends and family, awesome food, fun games.  Just terrific!  I even managed to walk away with a pretty awesome bow bouquet (which we almost forgot to do!).

photo 3(7)

Smiling with some family.

photo 4(6)

The cute favors and decorations (that will also be at the wedding…resourceful :))

photo 5(5)

The whole room!

photo 3(8)

With my dear friend Katie!

photo 2(9)

Little wedding dress favors full of candy.

My bouquet for the rehearsal!

I had a lovely shower and it makes me that much more excited to marry Adam.  Hard to believe just 37 days.  Not that I’m counting,  or that I’m out of my mind excited.  But maybe I am.  Gush gush mush mush gross.. you get the idea.

Happy Friday!


Wedding Wednesday: My Brother’s Wedding

20 Nov

Hey All!  A little bit of fun for today – the official photos for my brother’s wedding are complete.  Swoon, swoon, and triple swoon.  Can you say swoon more in one post?  Mylanta they are just GORGEOUS.

When I said this was the most beautiful wedding I’ve attended – I mean it!  Andrew and Carolina did almost everything on their own – no planner!  Hard to believe with all the details and gorgeousness you’re about to see.  They have an awesome network of friends and family down in Atlanta that helped bring their vision to life.  I had the most difficult time picking which pictures to post – there were hundreds of just beautiful images.  I wanted to share a little wedding crack with you – enjoy :)

002-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_3771

What wedding is complete without mimosas?! Note: You might see this same picture from my wedding, Carolina is letting me borrow these cute glasses!

058-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0709

Getting all dolled up!

059-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_3864

My beautiful sister Julie!

060-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0723

Carolina adding the final touches. A stunning bride.

069-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0754

With the dress – almost time!

073-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0763

My sister and I getting Carolina all ready – sisters! :)

081-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0790

My handsome brother waiting on his bride for their first look.

082-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0792

Leading Carolina out to meet her almost husband!

092-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0869

Umm… is this a magazine? Seriously gorgeous.

091-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0855

My brother’s face. So, so happy.

099-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0888

Such a beautiful couple!

145-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_3967

Carolina carried the most gorgeous bouquet. Exotic and elegant… but simple enough to not be distracting.

310-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4058

I loved Carolina’s head piece. It was so simple and beautiful, but added a lovely bridal touch. A perfect veil alternative.

342-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4129

I loved the guys’ boutonnieres – so simple, but so sharp.

021-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A0597

The reception was inside the winery to the right, and the ceremony down the hill to the left. Beautiful.

357-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1427

SUCH a cute card and gift table.

355-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4161

Fun and informative programs.

387-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1486

Adam walking my parents down the aisle.

396-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1525

Walking down! Don’t cry, don’t cry.

432-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4206

Carolina’s Dad walking her down the aisle.

441-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4211-Edit

Gorgeous ceremony. Gorgeous setting.

469-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4224

A packed house full of Brazilians, Americans, Dutch, and many other cultures. It was an international event!

472-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4230

Carolina has two adorable daughters and the four of them did a beautiful unity canvas ceremony. Such a fun way to include the girls and symbolize the creation of a new family.

492-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4238

Adam and I sang ‘Lucky’ during the canvas ceremony. Notice Gabi dancing like a crazy girl! She’ll be one of our flower girls and I can’t wait to see what antics she’ll do then!

445-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4214

Husband and Wife!!

516-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1789

My cute parents recessing from the ceremony. So happy!

166-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1061

The whole group.

190-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4025

Don’t mind me, I’m just a weird lurker peeking around my sister. HAH.

348-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4149

Julie and I all ready to party!

527-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4253

Heading into the reception – it was so beautiful. Simple, but every detail accounted for! They used the same chairs for the ceremony and the reception – brilliant!

526-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1836

The wedding was at a winery which provided a beautiful subtle theme.

545-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A1898

Simple centerpieces with a fun book to write happy notes to the new couple.

589-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4355

Some of the most heartfelt speeches I’ve ever heard at a wedding. Absolute perfection. Love the joy on Carolina’s face!

591-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4360

Cutting the cake. Holy yum. Brazilians love their treats :)

600-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2040

First dance. So beautiful.

620-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4405

Mother/Son dance. So cute to watch those two. My Mom looked so radiant!

621-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4416

This was the most touching moment ever. The two girls joined ‘Grandma’ and their new step dad! I think they felt like they were missing out on the action!

632-Carol & Andrew Wedding-IMG_4441

Andrew and his new partner in crime.

643-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2165

This wedding was FULL of amazing, thoughtful details!! The favors included little character faces with a cute note on the back. Carolina got these made on etsy. The drawings looked just like them.

644-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2166

The favors included treats from the US (Andrew’s home country), Brazil (Carolina’s home country), and the Netherlands (where they met).

656-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2197

My sister caught the bouquet like a boss.

687-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2363

DJs extraordinaire.

699-Carol & Andrew Wedding-J46A2409

Goodnight and farewell Newlyweds!

  As you can see it was a beautiful, touching, and FABULOUS event.  It was so much fun, and the perfect wedding for a perfect couple.

All photos taken by Caca Santoro Photography – she was so wonderful and did a fabulous job!


My Brother’s Wedding!

14 Oct

What an awesome weekend!  And the best part – my brother is officially a married man!  My family all gathered together to celebrate the wedding of my big bro and his beautiful fiancée this past Saturday!  After a lovely ceremony, the reception ended the night on an amazing note with a fabulous sparkler getaway.  Truly a stunningly beautiful wedding.  I don’t have any ‘real’ pictures back yet, but I’ll post some once they are done.  Sadly, I only took a handful of pictures on the actual day.  With my sister acting as the DJ and me acting as the “day-of” wedding coordinator – we had our hands full!  It was busy (maybe add in a few more busys), but it all turned out wonderfully, plus it was a great experience for me with my wedding coming up in 96 days (not that I’m counting!).

The venue was at a winery with an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception within the winery.  The weather was absolute perfection and every detail was accounted for – it was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended!  I can’t wait to see the real pictures.  Adam and I had the chance to sing together during the “Unity Canvas” ceremony.  We sang the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.  It was so fun, and went pretty smoothly!  Performing also helped me control my tears, I knew I had to get up and sing!

Some Wedding Mishaps

A few pretty ridiculous things happened including:

  • Meeting the family for the first time.  Carolina is from Brazil originally so we had an international night meeting all of her family.  Hilarious language barrier issues ensued. So much fun.
  • Adam becoming a groomsman the day before the wedding.  When the child of a groomsmen was in the hospital, Andrew let Adam know he was the sub!  I drove around all of Atlanta trying to find the matching suit.  Crisis averted when we finally found the right one.  All this hunting occurred without Adam – he was working both Friday and Sunday.  When I bought the suit I had my fingers crossed it would fit.  It did!!
  • Getting about an hour (or more?) behind the timeline…  Let’s just call this one a cultural difference :)  Though, all’s well that ends well!
  • Running the show.  Once I realized that a few aspects of the day needed some coordination (who was releasing tables for dinner, who was pushing the timeline, etc.) I realized I should to step up to the plate.  I spend part of the evening barking orders and making sure things ran smoothly.  It was fabulous.

Thursday and Friday we were running around like crazy. We picked up just a little bit of water on a Costco run.


Oh the suit… we finally found the correct color and size after checking with about 15 stores. Hooray!


Of course we had to pick up some Starbucks for the bride (and ourselves) to get Saturday started on the right foot!


Why heck yes I’m a fancy lady! Look at what professional hair and make-up can do! :)


Every wedding morning needs some mimosas!


This gem of a photo is the only picture I took of Adam. Love it. Though, please note the beautiful vines in the background!


My sister and I, ready to go!


Taking some couple photos right after the first look. PERFECT weather.


What can I say? We were excited.


Julie caught the bouquet! And by caught, I mean if she didn’t put her hands up it would’ve hit her in the face. It was amazing.

Other Updates

So…when you are not in control of anything, it is REALLY hard to eat well. The past four days I had to go with the flow, work, and eat whatever was thrown in front of me.  Man alive, it was a reminder of how hard eating on the go can be, especially when you don’t have a car and aren’t really in control!  I really should pack more food when I do these sorts of trips that way I can at least control my snacks or breakfasts.

Just 2 weeks left of ChaLean!  I’m excited to wrap up the program – it’s been great, but ready for a new challenge.  I have officially decided on starting P90X again- can I get a woot?  Hey, why fix what isn’t broken?  I LOVED my experience with P90X and I’ve had about 5 months off from it, so I’m ready to tackle it again.  Additionally I know that it works – what a perfect thing right before my wedding!  Though I must say, it will be really hard not having Adam around to tackle it together.  I’m starting to mentally prepare myself for beginning it again.  Can’t wait.

I survived my yoga class.  Yes, I survived pretty painlessly!  I still don’t enjoy yoga – but I do value the benefits, so I’m planning on sticking to my lunchtime Mon and Wed yoga classes.  I am hoping it will help my body in the long run…and maybe my knees??  The good news is I have to cancel 24 hours in advance or I lose the money for it, which means I can’t wimp out an hour before because “I don’t feel like it.”  Talk about accountability!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Happy 4th!

8 Jul

Hello all!  For all of you from the US, I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  And for all of you not from the US – I hope you also had a great regular weekend!  I had a great long 4-day weekend at my parent’s house a few hours away.  It was great to unplug from technology and soak up the time together.  My whole family got together and we enjoyed a little bit of this…


Group bike ride! We had a lot of fun, though it’s been awhile since I rode a bike. Kind of made me wish I had a road bike…

We also enjoyed a bit of…


Red, white, and blue colored desserts. A 4th of July classic. Yum!

Along with eating lots of not-so-healthy treats we managed to…


Get in a bit of skiing! My sister and I ready to go!


Wohoo! We still have it!

Of course we watched some fireworks – a great show this year!


Fireworks over the lake – beautiful!

Between the family time, running around, pounds of cookies, fireworks, and sun it was a great weekend.  I even managed to get in my Jillian Michael’s DVD with my future sister in-law (brides-to-be getting ready)!  That’s the best part about a 30 minute workout DVD, I can always find time for it!  The only thing that could’ve made it better was if Adam could’ve been there.  He’s still busy working as a slave at the hospital.  He survived his first week and I’ll get to see him next Friday…it feels like it has been forever!

Tonight I am auditioning for White Christmas – one of my absolute favorite shows.  I can’t wait!  My audition prep has left me little time for my dear little blog, but all the stress should be over tonight around 10 or 11… cross your fingers for me!  I can use all the positive thoughts I can get :)

white christmas

I ADORE this musical movie – such a favorite. This is a dream role for sure! I have been very nervous waiting to audition!

More updates on my Jillian Michaels workouts and potential next steps in regards to no Insanity… stay tuned!


How was your holiday weekend?  How do you celebrate the 4th?

Getting Back Your Fitness Groove…Post-Vacation.

26 Jun

Well folks, after a lovely week in Hilton Head, South Carolina, it’s back to reality for me!  And I must say, it’s been a bit of a strugglebus.  Not so much in terms of getting back to my job and routine, but just getting back to focusing – I feel like I’m in a daze!  It’s amazing what a little bit of extreme R&R can do.

The week was filled with a little bit of this:


Ahhh the sweet ocean.


I swear we aren’t naked.

A little bit more of this…


Oh lounging by the pool, you are amazing.

And maybe a little too much of this…


Frosty Frog’s famous daiquiris!


These are not the same cups as the above photo. Oops.


All in all, it was a fabulous trip full of family (19 of us!), food (some heavenly stuff), and relaxation (by the pool or ocean, um amazing).  Hilton Head is a long standing family tradition; Adam’s family has done it for over 30 years, so it’s something everyone really looks forward to.  During the trip I managed to get in a couple runs and even started group Jillian Michaels morning exercise.


Group exercise in the living room!

We did the tape 4 times!  Yeah, I’m impressed too.  Unfortunately as you all know, fitness is not the cornerstone of healthy living…it’s more about the food.  All our activity didn’t quite make up for our indulgences, but hey – isn’t that what vacation is for?  I will say, I was sort of excited to return to the somewhat straight and narrow – my body truly has become accustomed to a healthier diet!  Not only accustomed, but dare I say craves it?  Win, I say.

As I’ve rudely and abruptly gotten back into the swing of things, I’ve been mentally keeping track of what has helped most.

Tips for returning to a healthy lifestyle (post-vacation sloth):

  1. Visualize it.  Often if I think about what my workout will be Monday morning, picture it in my head, plan on it, think about it, plan, plan, and just get it so stuck in my head that it’s happening.  And you know what?  I will be okay with it!  Usually if I let myself not plan on it, it’s much harder to talk myself into it when the alarm is going off.
  2. Unpack/Settle in.  Nothing is a better excuse (for me) to not work out than “my house is a mess, I have no clothes, and I haven’t even unpacked my bag!” – Nevermind that I’ve been back 3 days and the bag is still just sitting there.  I will somehow find a way to make that a valid excuse (trust me, it has worked marvelously in the past).  Remove the barrier to working out and just unpack already.  After this trip I unpacked as soon as I could and it was an amazing call.  Trust me, you’ll feel so much better.  I did!
  3. Plan food. Take extra care over the first few days to just get back to eating healthy.  The main reason?  Brain training. I want my brain to associate delicious treats and frozen drinks as a treat.  I mean, that’s what they are, right?  I’m a huge fan of everything in moderation (thanks Mom – the phrase has stuck with me!) and vacation is a perfect time to indulge in some not-so-usual treats.  But… I want to be upfront with myself that I’m no longer on vacation and it’s back to the usual.  I don’t want to let my vacation eating habits linger on for days or weeks or months.  Honestly I feel better when I eat well, and being a bit strict for the first couple days has allowed me to quickly regain those benefits!
  4. Don’t beat yourself up.  Yes, it’s important to get back at the routine and start filling your body with healthy yummy things.  But… it won’t help anyone to beat yourself up about it.  I’ve been focusing a lot on the reasons I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the first place.  That often is helpful in getting me back to better habits without making me feel like dirt.
  5. Just do it.  Visualization and planning will only get you so far when it comes to working out and eating well, at some point you just have to do it.  Get up and keep on keeping on.  The past few days I haven’t focused on quality workouts (yeah I’ll admit it!), more just getting up and getting in my exercise.  I’ve definitely noticed labored, slower runs, and less than stellar JM video performances, but again just glad I’m getting out there!

So far the transition back to reality has worked out well and I even managed to pack myself a stellar lunch/snack bag for work this morning.  Yeah I was so proud I took a picture to send Adam.  I’m doing it, I’m really packing my own healthy stuff and doing it!  Cue groans from those of you that have no sympathy for me losing my little chef :)


I’m not typically a “show-your-fooder” – but I mean come on. This lunch is perfection! Fruit, veggies, yogurt, protein bar, chicken, oatmeal, and Shakeology. Amazing. Feel free to pat me on the back.

Though I have to admit I’ve had a couple flashes of returning to my old extremely lazy food prep days.


Dang he caught me! And that non-English jargon is just Kelly-speak for excitement.

The ramen story: I love ramen (well cup noodle to be exact) because it’s fast, easy, and delicious.  Yeah and with a million grams of sodium my body loves it too (not).  Adam is always annoyed when I eat ramen because sometimes I won’t even cook it – yikes, I know.  I got rid of all my ramen during a food drive conveniently during P90X, but as a joke Adam’s parents got me more for my birthday (much to Adam’s dismay). I’ve been holding onto that ramen for a special occasion (when Adam won’t know I’m eating it).  Last night we had a dinner skype date and I opted for whole wheat spaghetti instead – yeah I’m making strides.  :)

Here’s to hoping my post-vacation tips will encourage me to continue to have a successful week!  It’s good to be back!


How do you cope with reality life after vacation?  What tips can you share on not being lazy and eating real meals?