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Wedding Planning 101

19 Jul

Wedding planning has officially taken over my life.  To be quite honest, I’m shocked at how much I think about the wedding.  Frankly, it’s an obscene amount.  Let me preface this by saying I wasn’t the type of girl who dreamt about my wedding growing up.  I love weddings, don’t get me wrong… I just didn’t necessarily visualize specific details prior to Adam.  Now that I’m in the midst of planning one, it’s been more of a challenge without those visions in place.

Our wedding planning has been a team process, and thankfully we got the bulk of the big decisions out of the way before Adam moved to Nashville.  Now that Adam is away I am spearheading a lot of the organization, but we’re still tackling the actual decisions as a team.  Here are some of the things we’ve done that might be useful if you ever find yourself planning a wedding!  (Note: these are just personal observations – I know there are 12 ways to peel an orange, or plan a wedding!)

I said no to the binder… and survived.

Everywhere online I found articles saying I must have a binder with all of my wedding information.  I found sites explaining specifically how to make the binder and why it was so important.  Honestly the idea of a paper binder just didn’t seem to mesh with my lifestyle and how I like to organize things.  I do agree that organization is needed, there are just many ways to be organized.

7-19-2013 10-37-18 AM

A snapshot of our Google Docs. There are more folders and a Master To Do list.

Adam and I decided to organize our wedding “binder” through Google docs.  I could not say enough positive things about this way of organizing wedding details.  We have folders that are shared between us and can be accessed on any computer, ipad, or even our phones.  The folders organize things like “ceremony”, “wedding website”, “budget”, or “people”.  Any documents related to a topic can neatly go in the folder and we can create new ones from right within Google docs.  Planning a long distance wedding – this has been a lifesaver.  It also means you can share documents or folders with your MOH or other family members.  Talk about amazing.  Seriously check this out if you’re starting the wedding planning process.

7-19-2013 10-40-30 AM

Our “Budget” folder is full of spreadsheets!

Pick your priorities for budget

Before we even signed our first contract, Adam and I settled on 3 top priorities.  We wanted some hierarchy and organization to where our money was being spent.  We also wanted to be on the same page before talking to vendors or getting far down the planning process.  Choosing our priorities has made it easier to cut costs in areas that aren’t priorities.  For us we chose:

  • Photography.   We want beautiful photography that could double as art and we could proudly display.  This was a much bigger priority for me than for Adam but I told him how important it was to me.  We agreed to have it as a mutual priority.
  • Music. This really is one of Adam’s big things.  I love music too, but I would’ve been okay without a live band.  Adam loves music more than anyone I know.  Having something truly special and amazing from a music perspective was very important to him.  I agreed and we made this a top priority.
  • Family.  Adam and I really toyed around with the idea of having a destination wedding.  My family all adores traveling and conveniently I have 3 in the airline industry.  :) But the more we talked about it, the more we realized that we would alienate some family by throwing a destination wedding.  We want as many of our loved ones to be there to celebrate with us so we decided that having a higher number was a bigger priority than having a fancier or more exotic wedding.  I know often people make the decision to have quality over quantity – but with our big families and tons of mutual friends we went with quantity over quality.  If the people we love are there, the wedding will be amazing in our books.

 Whatever your top priorities may be, discuss them, agree to them, and then stick to them.  Now whenever it comes to big decisions we analyze whether or not they fit in our “Big 3.”  It has provided us with wonderful direction.  I’d highly recommend agreeing to your top priorities.


Cut Cost

Once we determined our priorities, we have been mindful to cut cost in areas that don’t build or add to those priorities.  Not to say that we haven’t been able to get what we want or have made choices we regret – we’ll just been diligent about cutting cost.  For example – finding a dress off the rack instead of ordering one and getting alterations.  Could I have found a more beautiful dress?  Well duh, if I had an unlimited budget.  But my dress is just beautiful and will work wonderfully.  We’ve had to control those urges of “but wouldn’t this be better?”  Better and perfect are words that are the enemy!  I don’t want to go into debt for our wedding, and we’ve had to make choices that, while lovely, maybe aren’t the most amazing choice out there.  (There’s always something more beautiful, more amazing, more expensive, etc).  Resist the urge!

Areas we’ve cut cost:

  • Mailings.  We’ve exclusively used Vista Print and I LOVE IT!  Our Save the Dates were around 50 bucks for 250 of them in color, postcard style.  You seriously cannot beat that price…believe me I tried.  They look so professional and in comparison to the wedding websites, they are so reasonable.  I don’t think anyone will know that we paid hundreds less than some other sites out there.  We also are doing online RSVP and just including one page for our invitations.  Again if it doesn’t support our Big 3…we’ve got to cut cost.
7-19-2013 10-57-47 AM

Note: the stars aren’t in our real design ;)

  • Attire.  With my dress off the rack and requiring no alterations, borrowing a veil, and wearing old shoes (I think ;)).. I’m hoping to come in under budget for my attire.  Adam is wearing a suit he already owns and just purchased the matching vest to dress it up a bit.  He will look perfect to me. Well frankly he could wear anything and I’d be happy.

Oh yeah… that’s a sharp suit!

  • Food/Cake.  We settled on a buffet meal (I know, I know… could be classier) and hosted wine and beer.  Everyone will have a wonderful hot meal and something cool to drink…but we won’t be pulling out the stops to make sure this is the fanciest night of everyone’s lives.  Honestly as long as people are fed and can drink something they will be happy.  They aren’t going to a 5 star restaurant, they’re coming to our wedding!  A close family friend is going to bake our cupcakes – yum.  She’s an amazing baker :)

 Again it doesn’t matter what your priorities and your “don’t cares” are – they could be the exact opposite of mine… just pick them and stick to them!  Otherwise you’ll find yourself spending a lot of money on everything!  Weddings are insane, crazy expensive.  Really it’s dumb.

Have fun and stick to your guns!

Everyone has their own wedding vision, and everyone will judge what they want to judge…especially when it comes to a wedding.  “Oh that’s an interesting color”  “Hmmm, they should’ve done traditional vows”  “Well January is certainly an interesting time of year.”  At the end of the day it is about Adam and I getting married.  We want happy guests (of course!), but we have to accept that we will probably do things in a way that isn’t exactly the way everyone else would do it.  And that’s okay!!  That’s life.  We have to go with our instincts and pick things we love.  And most importantly we don’t need to ‘keep up with the Jones’ and go into debt to have a day that doesn’t feel authentically ours.  Some people will think we spent too much on our wedding, others will think we were el cheapo…at the end of the day we have settled on an amount we feel comfortable with and will work within our budget.  Live and let live I say!  Most importantly – I’m trying to just enjoy this special time.  Marriage is a huge step and relishing in the planning and preparation is a wonderful thing!

So there you have it!  A couple things I’ve learned along the way.  So far, Adam and I have really enjoyed wedding planning…especially now that the big decisions have been made :)  We think we are close to deciding on our wedding invitations and suits for the guys.  I love progress.

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. We decided on the navy blue for our bridesmaid dressses!  Woot!  Thank you all for your opinions.

7-19-2013 11-15-12 AM

P.P.S. Notice the new wedding tab across the top… I’ll be adding wedding posts every now and again as we get closer.  Hope you enjoy! :)

What wedding planning tips do you have?  Any lessons to share?

Wedding Planning is for Lovers

28 Jun

In the spirit of following my own advice and not just preaching it – let’s talk about a new hobby! (Quick admission – I broke suggestion 1 this morning and did not take a break from running.  Though I found a Chipotle near Adam’s apartment on my run/walk, so in this case a rule worth breaking).  My new hobby?  Wedding planning! (If you couldn’t tell from the title – also this is your cue that this post has nothing to do with fitness, I didn’t even work it in once.  Sorry I’m not sorry.  It’s Friday :)).

This new hobby of mine has finally become fun, yes dare I say FUN!  Initially it was stressful.  Yes I will admit, I was a little ball of stress.  I feel if I don’t admit it, Adam will come on here and call that out as a blatant lie.  Though he’s pretty busy lately saving people’s lives filling out orientation HR paperwork…so I might be safe from his comments.  Anyways I’ll be honest and say those big decisions were huge stressers.

First we had to decide location (city, state, world???).  Then once we knew where we wanted to get married, we had to figure out where we wanted to get married – a reception site?  A restaurant?  Which church?  Thankfully once we decided on Indianapolis it was pretty easy to pick the church where Adam grew up (I’ve only lived in Indy for a few months, so didn’t really have a place!) and our reception site (‘Cheapest of the nice’ – a great place that will allow us to have our big, fun party we are hoping for!)  All of the other ‘big’ decisions were pretty anxiety-filled as well ‘what if we pick wrong??’  I know, what could be wrong if we end up married at the end of the day?  Somehow these types of decisions were pretty overwhelming.  Now that we have the date, church, reception, photographer, and tons of other little things decided, I’m having fun!  We’ve made it to the fun stuff!  Hallelujah.  These are our recent decisions:


Obviously an important one!  We’ve got an early start on this and settled on the Florida keys!  Neither Adam nor I have been there, so it will be fun and exciting for both of us.  We wanted to stay in the US because we’ll only have about 6 days for the trip (remember, the hospital owns Adam).  With a January wedding we also wanted somewhere very warm.  The Florida keys are pretty much as far south as we can get and still be on US soil (yeah yeah, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, I get it).  Warm weather here we come.  Additionally I have a million hotel points (I used to travel a lot for work) – so we’ll be able to take this trip extremely cheaply.  If I keep earning, I’ll have enough points to cover everything.  Is that not insane???  I still can’t believe that.  Makes me feel warm and tingly inside!  Is it January yet?


Holy awesome – I cannot wait!

Save the Date

With our engagement session behind us, we were free to pick out the photo for our postcard-style Save the Dates.  We settled on postcard-style for several reasons:

  • Cheap – yeah no envelope and we can use post card stamps which are cheaper.  I love saving money :)
  • I want it to be easy to put on a fridge or bulletin board – a postcard is simple and easy to hang.
  • Postcards showcase great pictures well!  I love photos and a postcard is the perfect way to really highlight a great photograph.

This is the photo we’ll be using:

View More: http://emilyweisphotography.pass.us/kellyandadam

Good choice?  I wanted something cute without being too far over the barf line.

Wedding Party

Adam and I have always liked the idea of a small and simple wedding.  Unfortunately for us we have 1000000 mutual friends (we went to college together quite a few years ago), tons of family, and with a wedding in both of our home states…something small and simple isn’t really happening.  We’re excited about our new “bigger wedding” plan and happy we’ll be able to include everyone important to us – but we did want to keep one element of our original “simple and intimate” idea: a small wedding party.  We’ve decided to keep our party to only family with my sister as the MOH and his brother as the Best Man.  My brother will round out his groomsman and my sister-in-law (my brother’s will-be-wife by January) will be my Matron of Honor.  So just two a piece, but we are so close to our family we are thrilled to have them involved.  A lot of our friends are singers and performers so we’ll have lots of them involved in musical ways!  Next week we’ll take a look at bridesmaid dresses – hooray!  I ordered a couple different ones from Target (yes, holy cow they have dresses for only 70 dollars!!!!!! Sorry for the many exclamation points, but seriously – that’s amazing!) and we’ll have a try on and decide party.  Fun :)

This week we’re working on truly finalizing the guest list (I ask, is it ever really final?), working on our registry, and ordering the Save the Dates.  It’s amazing how much fun I’m having now that the hard stuff is over.  Now I could literally pin wedding things on Pinterest for hours.  That may have happened once or twice this week.  Definitely last week on vacation.


Oh well – just 7 months until the big day so I’m going to soak up all the wedding planning/bridal bliss that I can!

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!


Engagement Photos + A Favor!

19 Jun

Happy hump day!  And prepare for a little time-out from fitness content…time for a little ramble :)  Because it’s an exciting day around here – our engagement photos are up!  Yeah…talk about excitement.   I jumped around the room for about 10 minutes I was so excited when we got the email.  I can’t wait to print some off and hang them up.  They turned out so lovely – Adam and I are thrilled.  I think all of our really hard work of modeling paid off ;)


This one is my favorite!


Man, those thrift shop shoes were such a find. We even found a wall to match.


This is one of Adam’s favs!


Pictures along my favorite running trail – the canal!

Now here’s the part where I ask for a HUGE favor.  Our photographer (Emily Weis) is pretty fabulous and fun – she has a little contest of sorts.  If we can get her lots of comments we win some pretty awesome free stuff – yeah I said FREE!  Adam and I are hoping you all would be kind enough to help us out. All you need to do is go to our post (on her blog) and add your name, email, and a quick comment.  In the meantime you’ll get to see all of our pictures!  Sounds like a pretty fair trade to me.

Check out the pictures and comment-away!  Feel free to share with friends and family, or repost on your blog even!  We’d be forever indebted to the couple minutes spent commenting/sharing.


Hello and thanks from vacation-land!

-Kelly (and Adam in this case!)

All By Myself…

12 Jun

Don’t wanna be… all by myself!  (Sing it with me!)  Okay – yes, someone is maybe being a little melodramatic. That’s not quite the right song for it.  I guess in novel version it is: All On My Own…The Adventures of Kelly Learning to Feed Herself and Work Out Alone.  Yep you guessed it – Adam officially headed on down to the big city of Nashville!  He left yesterday morning, and so far I seem to be coping reasonably well.  I haven’t starved and I’ve even gotten my workouts in.  Success.  I mean, what more could you ask for?  In my endless experience of time alone (36 hours), I have gleaned some wisdom.

Tips for Working Out/Eating Alone:

  1. It’s just you baby.  Yeah – if I don’t workout I’m just letting myself down.  Now that sounds like it could be de-motivating, but to me it’s almost more of a challenge.  Think selfishly – how could you let yourself down!?  Your body will thank you if you don’t.
  2. Plan! Well – if I don’t plan my food, who will?  I have learned that I must plan ahead.  Because no one is around to make sure I do ;)
  3. Make Time.  Yeah I know time doesn’t come out of thin air – but now I find myself needing to make the time to pack/plan food or come up with my goals.  I’m a one man team and I need to use my time wisely if this team is going to have success!  This morning I realized my alarm needs to be a bit earlier to have time to make food!
  4. Print out a Schedule.  To me, there is nothing more gratifying than crossing something off the old to-do list.  If you need an external motivation, print off the work out sheet and start marking down those days.  It’s motivating, but also allows you to see progress.  Awesome.
  5. Plan fun group activities. Though partner or group activities won’t be a daily part of my routine anymore, I’ve been talking to friends about possible Zumba dates.  And I’ve been planning runs I’ll do with Adam in Nashville.  Plan these social fitness times as something to look forward to – it will help you remain on your path!

I’m sure as I get more comfortable to working out stag I will gather more wisdom and do a legitimate post about it.  In the meantime – anyone have any helpful tips?  I could use all the help I can get!

Last days in Indy

Adam and I made the most of our time together as the days counted down.  Last Thursday we had a wonderfully relaxing Engagement Party!  It was more cookout style and we just relaxed and caught up with friends.  Adam’s parents ‘catered’ the event and it was divine (Adam’s mom is an amazing chef).  Such an awesome chance to celebrate before Adam hit the road.


We remembered to take a picture after it was dark and everyone left. Perfect.

Over the weekend we went to the wedding of a family friend.  It was absolutely gorgeous, and our first wedding together “post-engagement.”  It was fun to attend a wedding through the lens of planning one!  Sunday evening Adam and I went out to our favorite sushi restaurant for the last supper.  It was delish – and totally appropriate as the last date night in Indy.


Can you tell by the empty plate that we love sushi?

Monday was the day I’d been counting down for quite awhile: Engagement Picture Day!  I absolutely adore photography (good photography) so I was very nervous and anxious about this.  On Sunday the wise and all powerful internet reported a 60% chance of rain for Monday.  Nooooo!  I decided to just own it and went out to buy a couple umbrellas.  I googled “rainy engagement pictures” for ideas and started wrapping my mind around our totally cute rainy session.


Ready for anything!


See you can see my face through the umbrella. Sweet.

Well… Monday came around and it. was. perfection.  I kid you not – we had breathtaking weather.  It was a bit cloudy (ideal for photography) for some of the pics, and we had a nice soft sun for some as well.  We had so much fun.  Emily (Emily Weis Photography) was a blast to work with, and we enjoyed the experience thoroughly.  I ended up deciding to do my own hair and make-up.  I don’t wear make-up daily, but I have a love affair with it from an “on occasion” aspect. Many years of performing has helped me hone my craft.  Thankfully everything cooperated and my look came together!


Sorry for the selfie – went for a natural, but somewhat bold look. Success?

Adam’s hair and make-up was uneventful as well :)  Neither of us had any zits or issues  (a real concern)- so we got everything we could’ve asked for!  Perfect weather, ironed clothes, nice make-up, good hair day.  Incredible.  And you know what?  It was the perfect way to spend Adam’s last evening.  DISTRACTED.  I didn’t even really think about him moving because we were so busy running around town being models.  After our session we were ravenous.  We had a delightful treat of some Qdoba and passed out.


Being a model is hard work.


Such a model.

In the morning Adam blasted off to Nashville.  It kind of hurts to type that – but the other HUGE part of me is just tickled pink for him.  Yes it will be a challenging next few months, but Adam is onto the next step of his training.  And truthfully I am so thrilled for him.  In the meantime, it will be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow, and we’ll be married in January!  Sounds easy enough!

With just a few weeks until I see the results of our engagement shoot (not that I’m obsessively check her site) and vacation next week, there is plenty to look forward to!  Those thoughts keep me going when I just want to cry (or I just cry and feel better).  I’ve got my new workout plan and lots of summer events – it’s gonna be great folks!

Happy hump day!


What tips do you have for working out alone?  How do you keep pushing yourself?  How do you motivate yourself to eat meals instead of Cheez-its?

Weekend Relaxation and Insanity in the Morning

2 Jun

What a great weekend!  It all started with an amazing Thursday evening.  Adam is a wonderful singer and performed in a local cabaret.  It was a great opportunity to dress up and listen to my favorite crooner.  On Friday I left for a weekend in my former-home, Madison, WI.  I spent time with old girlfriends, and it was fantastic to catch up.  We enjoyed shopping, eating things not on the P90X nutrition plan, and even went to see Wicked!  It was phenomenal.  I even managed to find some green accessories and shoes for the engagement photo session next week. Score.  All in all, an awesome time.  I left Adam behind, but I don’t think he was too upset…reportedly lots of video game and TV time occurred.  Oh the horrors.


Delicious heavenly cheese curds from Madison’s Farmer’s Market. I may or may not have eaten this entire bag. (Hey! I shared…)


This chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream…totally on the P90X nutrition guide ;)


Green shoes and accessories from a successful shopping trip!

After such a relaxing and somewhat indulging weekend, I’m actually really looking forward to starting Insanity in the morning!  I’ve had several days off from a serious workout, and I’m sort of itching to get back at it!  Last week, though I had finished with P90X, I did do 3 of the DVDs just to have something in there.  Watch out, bright and early Insanity begins!

What is Insanity?

Insanity is another at-home fitness program by the some company as P90X.  The program is made up of a series of DVDs I’ll watch and requires no equipment (cool!).  It varies from P90X in that its primary focus is high-energy interval training (I’m imagining something like P90X’s plyometrics, but I’ll find out soon!), instead of using weights for lifting.  Insanity comes with its own nutrition plan and the program lasts 60 days.  This evening I spent some time reading about the program and planning out the meals for tomorrow.  Insanity DVDs typically last 30-45 minutes and are done 6 days a week.  The short duration will be a welcome change, though I’ve heard they are so hard it will feel longer!


Opening up my kit to learn all about my next 60 days!


Day 1 begins with a fitness test and ‘before’ pictures.


Adam carefully reading the nutrition plan. He’s going to be my chef this week – what a doll!

Tomorrow morning starts with the fit test and introductory DVD bright and early.  I’m excited to see what it will bring.  Wish me luck!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Have you done Insanity?  Any tips for a beginner? 

Wedding Updates!

24 May

Because it’s Friday, tomorrow’s my birthday, I finished P90X, and I plain just want to… here are some wedding updates! (Are you sensing my guilt at a completely non-running/healthy-living related post??)  For those of you that crave fitness-only related posts, I’ll give you a teaser: P90X Final Results Post to come early next week.  I plan to work on it during the drive up to my parents’ house this weekend.  Since it will be one of my last P90X posts in awhile, I want to make it a good one!

Why so busy planning?

Adam and I have been very busy with wedding planning.  In fact, we’re relieved that we get a little bit of a break from a regimented workout program just to allow for all the time we need for planning.  Here’s the deal: we’re trying to get as much planned as humanly possible before June 11 (the day Adam moves to Nashville).  We are on the sprint version of wedding planning. Adam loves planning and frankly… it kind of stresses me out.  For both our sakes we want him involved :)  Once he leaves, I’m anticipating the hospital “will own him” and I won’t have access to him like I do now.  Kelly, I can’t talk to you about which shade of flower is better…trying to take care of my patient who just had a stroke. Yeah – talk about a little perspective.  Because of this we’ve been on a roll making decision after decision and working to get our to-do list down to a minimum!


The hardest decision of all has been made!  We settled on our photographer!  Can I get a hallelujah?  This decision has been particularly difficult for several reasons.  The first – my Dad is super into photography.  He is kind of a photog-nerd.  He knows a lot about it and really enjoys it.  I wanted to select a photographer that my Dad not only approved of, but liked as well.  The second reason – I’m super into photography.  I love it and dabbled with it a lot in high school and college.  I haven’t spent much time on it in a few years, but long ago I even played around with the idea of becoming a wedding photographer.  So you might say I’m slightly more critical than the average person.

So the search began!  I started googling and pouring over galleries.  I already had a few photographers in mind as well (from my time of exploring the wedding photography career).  I literally cannot tell you how many wedding photos I have looked at in the last 2 weeks.  My eyes feel criss-crossed, so it’s been just a few ;)  A friend of mine texted me a few days after we got engaged with a recommendation.  I looked her up and BAM!  I knew right then and there that this could be the photographer for us.  We contacted her and I knew again…this could be it!  She is patient, helpful, super sweet, and wonderful to work with.  She took my neurosis about photography in stride and made both of us feel so comfortable and downright excited to work with her.  Adam and I took our time and kept discussing it.  In the end we made the right decision for us and booked Emily Weis Photography.  You can check out her blog here.  We love her work and can’t wait to have her as a part of our day.

Engagement Pictures

Now that the hard part is over, an even harder part is upon us: our engagement shoot!  We have it scheduled in just a couple weeks and I can’t tell you how excited I am.  The only issue – I prefer picking out running outfits over cutesy clothes!  Don’t get me wrong- I love stylish clothes…I’m just not the greatest at picking them out or knowing what to wear.  So bring on your ideas!  Any suggestions on what to wear for our engagement shoot?  Emily suggested 3 outfits: one dressy, one casual, and one whatever.  I’m thinking solid colors would probably be best.  I’ll probably go shopping next week – say a little prayer for me!  Perfect timing on the whole P90X thing – what an ideal time to be in shape!  I imagine all the upcoming events will give me even more motivation when I start Insanity in a week!


We’ve settled on January 18th for the big day!  Yes we do realize that January is in the winter :)

Our reasons:

  • We want to get married soon! (Isn’t there a quote…when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible!)
  • We like the winter
  • It’s “off-season” for weddings – people won’t be sick of weddings in the middle of winter!
  • It’s almost a month after the holidays – something fun to look forward to in the middle of blah winter and hopefully enough time after holiday craziness
  • What a great time to take a little trip or vacation for our anniversary in the future!  Beach in January?  Absolutely!
  • Discounted rates: our band and reception site were more reasonable and have made things that would’ve been out of our price range, in our price range in January.
  • It’s MLK weekend so some folks may get an extra day off – easier for traveling.

Engagement Book

With all the wedding planning things have been just slightly hectic.  As a little surprise this week, Adam put his proposal into a treasurable format!  He added all the post-its and some photos into an album.  It’s perfect timing for a weekend with my family.  Now we have a little book to remember our amazing day!



Birthday fun and Memorial Day weekend

Another delightful May weekend (it’s officially the best month) is ahead!  Adam and I get to spend the long holiday weekend with both sets of our parents at the lake.  It should be a wonderful time and I can’t wait to get to spend time with everyone.  It’ll be the first time in swimsuits around our families since P90X – let’s see if anyone notices our changes since last summer!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)


Life Changes and Excitement!

16 May

The past few days have been pretty amazing.  I had an awesome weekend celebrating Adam’s graduation from medical school.  Oh yeah and we also celebrated our engagement. (Double whammy!)  What a weekend!  I’ve been overwhelmed with feelings of “Wow- life can really be exciting!”  and “Wow- I am so content, blessed, excited, lucky…and holy cow there’s a lot to do” – okay so I had a lot of thoughts and emotions this past weekend.  But mainly it was just really, really cool.  I was fortunate enough to have my parents come visit for the occasion, and we had a great time together.  It allowed a nice opportunity for both sets of parents to spend more time together as well.  Adam and I are thankful that we both love each other’s family.  It certainly makes things easy.  I thought I’d share a couple of pictures from the momentous occasion.  I’m so proud of Adam!  To be honest I’m only slightly irritated that Adam is now Dr. Adam – in my previous life I worked with a lot of Drs.  And let’s just say I feel it’s my personal responsibility to make sure Adam doesn’t turn out like a lot of them.  He knows about my crusade, and I have accepted my role wholeheartedly!


A huge room…And a LONG ceremony!


What a goober face! Cracks me up.


Does this mean I need to call him Dr.??

This week we also got moving with wedding planning!  Yes- I know…so soon?!  But here’s the deal: We’re type A, we don’t want to procrastinate, we aren’t patient…and I want to have the stressful planning parts done.  Then I can just relax!  Additionally, the big driver: Adam is moving to Nashville in June.  The more we get done before he leaves the better for all  involved parties :)  And truthfully…we aren’t going to have a long engagement.  We are thinking a winter wedding – let’s get this show on the road!

Wedding Updates:

  • Location/date almost decided! (We’re this close to nailing it down- truthfully our discussions started pre-engagement)
  • Dress done!  I found one off the rack, on clearance (almost 50% off), under my budget, and requires no alterations.  I call that meant to be!  I take after my mom and I don’t particularly enjoy shopping.  Major score I didn’t have to search endlessly, or really at all.
  • Photographer almost decided – this is the most important decision (yes more than the dress)…taking our time on this one.  I’m obsessed with photography so I want it to be perfect!  Can’t I just have three photographers?? :)

I’ll try and keep the wedding posts to a relative minimum, but I mean come on…buying a dress??  That’s big news!  The good thing- a short engagement means this won’t turn into a wedding blog! :)


I said ‘Yes to the Dress!’ You’ll have to wait until January to see what’s under the stars.

The one downside to all this personal excitement…oh yeah… ummm I’m running a half marathon on Saturday.  Haven’t really thought much about it (except that I’m scared and it will be slow).  Oh and finishing P90X!  Adam and I have done a good job of not getting totally side-tracked.  But we have been slightly less strict – you only get engaged once!


“Here Comes the Bride” cupcake Adam and I enjoyed Tuesday.

I love May – the weekends will only continue to get better.  Birthday, friends, graduation parties, family, wedding planning!  Oh my!  Yep – I’m thinking May will be a little “Ramble” heavy.  But hey- that’s why it’s in the title!   June will bring the beginning of Insanity and the start of short runs again (I’ve essentially stopped running normally/regularly due to my knees).  I’m really excited to start chronicling my thoughts of Insanity and doing a post-P90X wrap-up, results, and review of the program.  Man alive – there is excitement all around.  When it rains it pours!

Have a wonderful week – we’ve already made it to Thursday!


Sports Bra Engagement

10 May

Happy Friday everyone!  Races, Reps, and Ramblings is going to take a slight pause on fitness-dedicated content for a little engagement story!  If you hate mushy stories or long, detailed posts consider yourself warned!  If you can’t get enough of ’em, read on!

Thursday May 9, 2013, started out like any other morning: bright and early with a workout!  Except because it was a Thursday, it meant one of my favorite workouts to hate: Yoga.  I have a love/hate relationship with Yoga, so I wasn’t particularly thrilled about waking up for it.  I managed to get out of bed and change into some comfy pants and my favorite neon yellow sports bra.  Because my apartment has been so hot lately, I’ve gotten into the habit of just wearing a sports bra to workout.  I thought for a second about grabbing a shirt, but usually with yoga it hangs over my head and kind of drives me crazy.  I went to the bathroom to finish up.  After getting ready I came out to the living room where Adam and I normally do our P90X at-home workout DVDs.  Whoever is ready to workout first earns the job of work-out set-up.   Adam is more of a morning person and is usually ready faster than me, easily winning the coveted ‘setter-upper’ job.  So at this point I was very accustomed to him setting up the computer with the workout, grabbing waters, and setting up other equipment.  Because I was so slow this particular morning I fully expected the room to be totally ready to go.  When I came out from the bathroom, not only was the room  not set up – but Adam was sitting in a chair playing with his phone!  What the heck!?  I made some comment like “dude – goofing around out here?  Why are you playing with your phone?  We need to get moving!”  Yoga is an hour and a half – we were cutting it close!  He went off to the kitchen to grab some water glasses.

I grabbed my yoga mat (conveniently already pulled out of the closet and ready to be unrolled).  I undid the velcro and let the mat unfold.  It took me a few seconds to register that the inside was entirely covered in post-it notes.  Initially I thought maybe I found something I wasn’t supposed to see.  After all it was a Thursday morning – maybe this was meant to be for the weekend?!  I laughed and unrolled it the whole way and read “The top 100 reasons I love you!” at the top of the mat.  Beneath the title were individual post-it notes with a number on the front and a reason Adam loves me on the inside.  We both sat down and I started reading the notes.  I thought that possibly Adam was building up to this weekend (I had suspicions this might be the weekend for a proposal) or perhaps he was being sweet ‘just because.’  No matter the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed reading through his sometimes funny, sometimes serious, but very sincere reasons that he loves me.  We laughed at some of them and I made a few retorts to others.  A few times I paused to kiss him – there were some very sweet words among the post-its and it took awhile to get through all the reasons (100 is a lot!).  He asked me to read them out loud and we enjoyed sharing our many memories and inside jokes together.  As the numbers got higher and the time got later I realized that we’d probably have to significantly cut yoga short (yes, this was a serious concern on my mind!).  I even thought – maybe we could finish the list after yoga… yep, that really went through my head!  It takes me awhile to wake up in the morning – so my mind was still pretty fuzzy. Once we got in the high 80’s I started getting nervous – was this leading up to a proposal?  Could reason 100 say “Will you marry me?”  I kept lifting the notes, steadily increasing my pace at the end.  98…  99…


I took a deep breath before looking at 100. “Just Because!  Now go open my yoga mat” it read.  Like a kid on a treasure hunt I jumped up and raced to the next clue.  I undid the velcro on Adam’s mat letting it open slowly to the floor.  Out poured dozens of red rose petals, and in the last curl of the mat rested a small brown box.  I lowered the mat below my chin to peek at Adam’s face.  Is this really happening?  Is this what I think it is?  I gave him a look that spelled out my confusion, disbelief, and happiness.  Eventually I bent down and picked up the box.  At some point I started crying and laughing and he took the box from my hands.  Down on one knee he asked me if I would marry him.  I told him a quiet ‘yes’ and he told me ‘say it louder!’ Confused I said ‘Yes! Of course I will marry you.”  I sat down on his knee and gave him a kiss.  My unexpected sitting caused us both to fall over.  We laughed as we fell to the ground and just let the moment sink in.  We chatted for a bit and he asked me “Do you know what date it is?”  I laughed and told him that I didn’t – I had been frantically trying to figure it out in my head (I’m a fan of dates).  He said “It’s 5-9, 5 for you (one of my favorite numbers), and 9 for me (one of his favorite numbers)”  I smiled – it was so thoughtful of him to plan to that level of detail.  After a few minutes he asked, “Do you want to try your ring on?”  I had completely forgotten about the little brown box that he was still holding in his hands.  I eagerly shook my head ‘yes’ and we both sat up to properly put on the ring.  Adam opened the box and I got my first glimpse of the ring.  It was absolutely beautiful!  He took my hand and slid the ring onto my left ring finger.  It was a perfect fit.  The ring was gorgeous: delicate, simple, and sparkly.  I don’t think I could’ve done a better job if I picked it out myself. He picked out the most perfect-for-me ring possible.  I couldn’t stop looking at it!

photo(9)photo(8)Eventually we came out of our dreamy state and I jumped up!  We had to get pictures of the scene!  I took a few snapshots of the post-its and the flowers.  While I was taking pictures Adam told me that behind the workout DVD pulled up on the computer he had been recording the proposal!  I was so happy!  I am a huge fan of recording/photographing things for posterity so was thrilled we’ll have that little keepsake.  Until I realized that for the entire proposal I am wearing my yoga outfit: pants and just a sports bra!  “Adam!!  We can’t show that to our families and friends!”  Adam shrugged and said I was wearing more than a swimsuit would cover – it’s no big deal.  I laughed and realized that I loved it.  He proposed in the perfect way: just us, unconventionally, and he totally caught me off guard!  Plus I love funny stories – now I’ll get to tease him for the rest of our lives that he proposed to me in a neon sports bra.  Hilarious.

Afterwards Adam informed me that we were not going to be doing yoga this morning (bad kids!) and we headed to the kitchen.  He whipped up some chocolate and blueberry pancakes and we both relaxed, enjoying our breakfast together.  Afterwards we took a few minutes and watched the recording of the proposal.  It. Was. Hilarious.  The first part of the video I am barely conscious.  Totally brain-dead.  My voice even sounds exhausted.  Slowly I start waking up as the clip progresses, and it’s so cute to watch it unfold.  The angle isn’t quite perfect because it’s recording from his computer and the audio is a little quiet – but I’m beyond delighted we have a little keepsake of the moment.

We started calling and texting family and friends shortly after, though I was worried people might be concerned something happened!  After all, who calls at 7 am with good news?  A few phone calls were definitely met with some “Well this is unique!” or “That’s interesting!”  I could tell people were a little surprised with the unconventional proposal, but thrilled we’re getting married.  I asked Adam what made him decide this date and time.  “Well, I knew you were suspecting weekends in May, so that was off limits.  I also knew that evening would be a suspect time.  I wanted to pick something you would never suspect.  My criteria: I wanted it to happen soon, be a surprise, and be just the two of us.”  Well – Adam certainly succeeded on all three counts. :)

I went off to work via Adam’s ‘Princess drop-off and pick-up’ with the instruction to be ready at 4:30pm for a surprise evening!  After a day full of lots of concentration and productivity at work (might be a stretch – really… I’m supposed to concentrate after a morning like that?), Adam picked me up.  He was all dressed up and looked so handsome.  He had an umbrella in preparation for the gloomy weather, took my hand, and we started walking downtown around the corner.  A few minutes later we arrived at The Capitol Grille – a very swanky Indy restaurant.  We were fancy people!  Our dinner was absolutely divine and the service was impeccable.  It was very fun to do something so out of the ordinary.  Right on cue, it was pouring when we left, but thankfully we had the umbrella (always prepared that one!) for the walk to the car.  We started driving away from downtown and my curiosity got the better of me: what are we doing and where are we going!?  After about 15 minutes of driving Adam finally let me play 20 questions with him.  After a surprising level of difficulty to figure it out, I realized we were going to see the show “Into the Woods.”  Several of our theatre friends were in the show and we had been talking about going to it for months but never really made it happen.  I was thrilled we had the chance to go!  The show was amazing and it was the perfect ending to an absolutely perfect day.


This weekend is his graduation from med school, and I’m thrilled that lots of family will be in town to celebrate.  My parents get into town this afternoon, and it will be wonderful to celebrate with them.  I’m extra happy that I decided to buy a new dress for the fancy graduation banquet!  The banquet is a served dinner and open bar event for med students, friends, and family.  It’s a built in celebration for us to share our news with our close group here in Indy.  I asked Adam for more details about the planning of the proposal.  He told me he had lunch with my parents about a month ago (driving 2 hours north to meet them).  He said they had a wonderful lunch and granted him their blessing.  I was so happy Adam made that effort – it means so much to me for them to be included.  He also picked out the ring with his Mom – which is special too because I absolutely love his family and I’m happy they were involved as well!  I’m sure more details will come out over the course of the weekend.  For now I’m just trying to enjoy the time and not get too distracted by the beautiful gift on my finger as I type this!  So there it is… the story of how I got engaged in my sports bra on a Thursday morning all before 8am.

Happy Friday and have an amazing weekend!