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First Pull-up!

24 Mar

The moment has arrived!  Fellow P90X-ers will appreciate this bit of news.  This week I finally got my first pull-up!  And not only that… I got six pull-ups in.  Not in a row (I’m not quite that buff), but all in one workout!  I was feeling pretty thrilled.  Right after the pull-up success I managed to do every single move in Ab Ripper X.  Woah.  Now that is an accomplishment! I remember just months ago yelling at Adam, “I will NEVER be able to do even half of the mason twists!” and,  “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do a pull-up – I’m just not built that way.”

Oops.. in this case, I’m glad I was wrong!


I even managed to hold it for a picture!

So our P90X progress is going pretty well!  This week will be our Phase 2 recovery week.  Adam and I are both looking forward to it – we’ve been pushing it pretty hard lately.  It’s hard to believe the end of phase 2 is almost here.  We’ll be taking our pictures and measurements next weekend, something we are both anticipating for sure.  Until then, we’ll just keep bringing it!