Wedding Friday: Invitations, Limo, and Ceremony, Oh my!

25 Oct

Happy Friday everyone!  This afternoon I’m headed out for my bachelorette weekend in New Orleans!!  EEEk!!!  Craziness.  I’m still in shock my sister successfully convinced me into this one.  Let’s just say the decision was made at a winery.  And we may or may not have been tasting the wine. Enough said.  I’m sure I’ll have lots to report when I return!! :)  But since I haven’t given a good wedding update in a while let’s have a little fun…shall we??

Ah the wedding, with just 3 months (officially 85 days) left before the big day the reality is really starting to sink in: I’m GETTING MARRIED…SOON!  No longer do I get the response “Oh you still have awhile” when I share my wedding date.  Not gonna lie, it sort of freaks me out!!   Adam and I really have most of the big decisions out of the way: reception, church, ceremony, dress, food, etc. etc.  Having these things in place is awesome, now we’re down to the details.  It’s the details that kind of stress me out hahah.. I’m the kind of girl that would prefer to hire someone to deal with all the details.  I mean I want things to look nice, but I guess I don’t really care? Well that’s not true, I care…I guess I just don’t care enough to make the decision.  I sort of wish someone would present three options and I’d pick one.  Oh and have an unlimited budget to make the decision.  That would be sweet too.  Dare to dream, eh?

Also, I’d like to insert this warning now: this post has many words.  If you’re not a fan of the words, apologies, please wait for another post. :)  Oh and it’s about wedding stuff.  So yeah, there’s your warning about that too.

In the beginning Adam and I selected our three priorities: Photography, Music, and Guests (i.e. bigger wedding that is less fancy, or more crappy as I like to tease Adam).  We allotted our money to these areas and have been aggressively cutting corners in other ways: invitations, dress, details, no favors, Adam’s suit.

But an interesting thing is starting to happen to both of us: we have lost touch with our normal standards of money.  In the beginning it was very easy to say “That’s RIDICULOUS, I will NOT pay that!”  But the more we pay deposits and write checks for a couple hundred or thousand dollars.. I’m losing touch with my old reality and my strong and fierce cheapness!  Sounds crazy, but it can happen!!  I think another factor is decision fatigue… there are just so many decisions that I often think, “Dear goodness just make them go away, sure that price sounds great. Just make the decisions stop!”  When in reality it’s not something I would normally be comfortable spending.  Adam and I have leaned on our family to help keep our brains sane.  Last week I stumbled upon a hilarious blog post that accurately detailed it: explaining that every 100 dollars = 1 wedding dollars.  Oh the limo is 300 dollars?  Oh that’s only 3 wedding dollars!  What a steal!!  Check out the article at The Anti Wedding for yourself, it’s pretty spot on! (Seriously, weddings make your brain crazy, see A Practical Wedding to attempt to return to sanity).

Anyways, the closer we get the less thrifty we are… which is dangerous.  But something I didn’t really anticipate, so keep that in mind if you’re planning a wedding soon!  This past weekend Adam and I reviewed our budget spreadsheet again… a helpful task to keep us on track!

Onto some recent decisions:

The Limo

Oh dear lordy, this was a DRAMA.  Seriously full on drama.  I actually had a pseudo mental breakdown over the limo. (It was a low point for sure, and yes, I’m quite embarrassed about it).  My issue: I just couldn’t justify spending a few hundred dollars on transportation.  I mean, we all have CARS and DRIVERS LICENSES for goodness sake!  Plus who says we have to have a limo on our wedding day!?  Alas folks… one simple fact pushed me toward the limo: our wedding is in the winter.  Which means when we take pictures outside…the 20 minutes the multiple cars were turned off and in parking spots will matter because the car will turn into an ice box (there is snow and ice in January in Indianapolis).  Plus, having a caravan of 4 cars to fit everyone sounds a little ridiculous.  In winter snow piles up in parking spots, which means it will be a total fiasco finding spots for us to park. Enter the limo: brilliantly it stays warm while we take our outdoor shots, conveniently we don’t really have to park it (or if we do, only finding one place for it, and I’m not the one parking it so no stress!), AND we don’t have to drive (talk about relaxing).  The tradeoff for me?  A little bit of a headache to get transportation in order now (and figure out funding), or have a fiasco of a wedding day doing all our transportation.  We looked into renting an SUV, little bus, multiple cars, party buses, school buses (yeah, check this puppy out), and the limo was actually the best deal (I know, right?).  So folks, guess who will be a fancy lady on her wedding day?  Oh yeah, this kid.


Uh, did I forget to mention that I’m a high roller?

The Invitations…

Have gone out!!  It’s that time, and boy am I SO excited.  To me this is where it really gets real.  Now we get to see RSVPs coming in (online because we’re cheap technically savvy like that) and really get an idea of what our wedding will shape up to be!  I just feel tingly thinking about it (sorry for the mush gush).  It’s just hard to believe it’s happening sometimes!  Adam and I are just SO ready to begin our life together and for us, our wedding will truly signify that.  We’ll be a unit, team awesome, him+I, and it will be amazing.  And because I’m sort of weird and old fashioned it means we’ll get to officially live together!  Which also sort of scares me…I mean, I will have had my own thing going on for almost 27 years by the time we get married!  Any tips from all of you already living with a boy?  Anyways I have seriously rabbit-holed.  Back to invitations!  Ours are great and I’ve been convinced to be pleased with how they turned out.  Honestly when they first arrived I was a little disappointed with the weight and printing of the design, but many family members and friends have convinced me that was crazy talk.  So out they went!  And I am pleased.  They are wintery and modern and very us.  We wanted a “no frills” invite with no inserts or extra pieces.  This is because we both get annoyed when we have to remember both the card with the church address and the separate reception time and place (yeah we’re lazy).  So we just went with one page!  Simple (and cheaper, score).  Hopefully people won’t find it too “un-classy.”  Adam created the beautiful labels and ordered stamps.  I’ve been stuffing and stamping with Adam’s mom.  It was thrilling when I dropped them off to get mailed out.  And also sort of anticlimactic.  “Oh, that’s it?  You just are going to put them in that bin there?  Oh, okay.”


So with all the crap all over this, hard to see. But you can see there are blue snowflakes on them :)

The Ceremony and Vows

So we’ve finished it.  Yep.  You heard that right, it’s finalized.  It’s typed up into a big beautiful word document of life and amazingness.  And I am so happy about it.  To me, the ceremony is really the priority and I wanted to make sure we had ample time to really think through it and plan a ceremony that is memorable (at least to us ;)) and meaningful.  I think we’ve accomplished just that!  We have a more traditional feel, but inserted a few things that will help us add those personal touches.  We have several readings, songs, and more fun.  Once the ceremony is over I’ll share what happened specifically :)  Gotta keep it under wraps!  (cuz I’m weird!)

In the end we actually decided to say traditional vows.  A big shocker for me – we had always talked about writing our own vows.  But we settled on traditional ones for a few reasons:

  • Saying the words that have been spoken by thousands of others will be incredibly powerful and we look forward to saying them to each other.
  • Writing vows is potentially stressful.  I mean, it’s trying to put your feelings and promises into words and I think I will always feel that my vows aren’t enough!  I’m a perfectionist and I could really see myself totally obsessing over vows.
  • Sharing vows with a large guest list is a little intimidating.  Honestly it feels a bit vulnerable.  If we were having our small wedding we always discussed that would be one thing, but now with our larger guest list… it just doesn’t feel the same.

Because we were so torn, we ended up deciding to still write personal vows.  I know, confusing right!?  But we decided to write them and read them only to each other after the reception.  That way we can express our feelings and thoughts in an intimate way AND we get to say the traditional vows we wanted.  Plus we can still do cute things with our vows, like frame them etc.  We’re excited about our “personal vows” even if they aren’t a part of the ceremony.  Works for us :)

This is us after saying our personal vows. SO excited.

Well that seems like plenty of wedding updates for now… until the next wedding post! :)


Editor’s note: Oh my gosh, I just discovered the hilarity of gifs.  Holy amazing.  My life has changed.  Just spent the last 15 minutes dying from funny wedding gifs.. like this one, (CAN YOU IMAGINE?!!):

wedding fail 21 gif

6 Responses to “Wedding Friday: Invitations, Limo, and Ceremony, Oh my!”

  1. Meghan @ fitnesscrEATures October 25, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    Haha, this post has lots of words, yes, but they’re charming and fun, just like you! I’m glad you got all the big stuff sorted out and I feel like we are the same in the sense of not caring, but really definitely caring, about the details. I would much rather be given choices and then make a choice also! :)
    I can’t believe your wedding is so close! How awesome!
    And I could NEVER factor in snow as a part of a wedding, that’s so funny that snow justifies your limo (hey whatever works!).
    I’m just really excited for your pictures so be sure to prioritize that when you get back from your wedding/honeymoon festivities. Speaking of which – what is the honeymoon? :)

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings October 25, 2013 at 9:22 am #

      Bahahah. My favorite part of the comment “please prioritize pictures when you get back!” Hah! I love it. :) I will definitely be sure to get some pictures up the week I return from the honeymoon! We are going to Key West in Florida. Hooray for some sun in January! :) And I’m glad you handled my many, many words. Can you tell I’m in full wedding swing??? And yeah snow… craziness, a little nervous about how much or how little we will get that weekend. Fingers crossed! :)

  2. Catherine @ A Two Storey Home October 25, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Ahh, so exciting!! I feel ya on the detail thing–I just did not care about a lot of the small stuff and would have loved to pay someone to make all those decisions for me! Living together is such a fun part of the whole getting married thing. For the first few weeks I felt like we were having an extended sleepover and playing house (okay, I still feel like that sometimes!) You’ll also discover little quirks about each other that you didn’t know before living together. Example: “Andrew, why is there a pair of athletic shorts under your pillow?” “They’re my sleeping pants.” “…But why are they under your pillow?” “Because that’s where I sleep.” Who knew? :-D But seriously, it’s such a cool part of the adventure… I’m so excited for you!! My other advice in that area would be to be conscious of not becoming roommates. We have to catch ourselves sometimes because it’s so tempting to throw on sweat pants, and eat dinner on the couch while watching TV until it’s time to go to sleep. Not that that’s always a bad thing, but I think it’s important to still DATE when you’re married!
    Have so much fun this weekend in New Orleans!!

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings November 1, 2013 at 11:06 am #

      WOHOO!! So glad you’re right with me about the details…happy to know I’m not too abnormal in wanting niceish details but not wanting to really deal with them :) I’m SO looking forward to living with Adam. We keep teasing each other that we are counting down the days to annoying each other all the time! WOOT. :) I always loved playing house as a kid… I know we will enjoy it a lot. And I love that Andrew keeps athletic shorts under his pillow! I actually started doing that a few months ago, because he’s right… it’s where one sleeps, just makes sense! ;) Thank you so much on the roomie advice, very much appreciated. And honestly I could see Adam and I falling victim to that because we were friends first… so we’ll definitely have to remember we still need to date each other. We did a decent job when we were living in the same city and often did Sushi nights, which was perfect. I’ll be sure to share your advice with him, let’s hope he listens. :) Thanks for the kind words and advice!

  3. jojo922 October 25, 2013 at 12:51 pm #

    I love New Orleans!!!! Such a fantastic city!!!! I actually got engaged there, so I’m a little biased when I say that I love that city :) Have a great time!!!! 85 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!! Woo to the Hoo!!!!!!!!

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings October 29, 2013 at 11:15 am #

      Thanks so much!!! WOOT!! New Orleans was AMAZING. I couldn’t believe how great it was… what a perfect place to get engaged :)

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