ChaLean Extreme: Lean Phase

18 Oct


It’s hard to believe I’m in the home stretch of ChaLean Extreme (just 1 week left!).  I am now in the 4-week “Lean” phase.  The first 30 days: Burn, the next 60: Push, and finally LEAN!  This last phase is similar to the rest of the program in that every day I’m doing a different workout.  This is so important to me and keeps me motivated (and interested!).  There are 3 days of weight training (Mon, Wed, Fri) with Tuesday yoga (they have a rest day, but I threw in my yoga DVD), and Thursday an interval day and Saturday as a cardio.  It’s a great mix of some variety filled fitness!  Woot!  The great thing about the lean phase is there are more full body movements.  In the Push phase we focused on one body part at a time, for example: Bicep curls.  We maxed out at a heavy weight, aiming to do 6 bicep curls.  Now in the lean month we are combining two movements.  For example, bicep curls with calf raises.  This engages the core (awesome benefit) and helps get the heart rate up a bit more.  The sets are up to 12, but with a lower weight to survive all those curls!

The structure of the lean phase workouts is great and really makes things fly by.  I look forward to the workouts, though they definitely are challenging.  AND the Extreme Abs workout?  Holy difficult!!  There are moves in there that I’ve never seen before (hello, clap sit up?) which is really fun, but also challenging.  It’s great.

The length of the lifting workouts is a bit longer: on average 40-50 minutes.  And when I add in Extreme Abs (16 minutes), it does make for quite a bit longer workout than phases 1 or 2.  But I love that it’s been a gradual increase of time and will really help when I go back to P90X (gah… 75-90 minute workouts).

The workouts themselves are accessible to a wide range of levels, with modifications offered for every move.  I really love this.  Chalene instructs you how to care for your body with good form.  With my knees there are some moves I just can’t do and it’s great to have a lower impact option.  I think ChaLean Extreme has been a great prep for P90X and also break from it!  Though I am doing less push-ups and pull-ups in ChaLean Extreme, so I feel like I may be losing a bit of strength there.  Let’s see when I start P90X in a couple weeks.

ChaLean Extreme has been a great, well organized program – the lean month is no exception!  Ready to bring it for just a bit longer. And I promise to try and get an after picture next week!  What a slacker…

Happy lifting! (and more importantly, Happy Friday!!)


4 Responses to “ChaLean Extreme: Lean Phase”

  1. Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout October 18, 2013 at 7:13 am #

    You can do pull ups Kelly??? Amazeballs! Does the P90X have different workouts everyday too? It’s impressive with ChaLean that they’ve come up with so many! Gooood luck for the final phase (and hope the knees feel better soon too)!

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings October 18, 2013 at 9:32 am #

      Hahaha – didn’t you know I’m a beast?!!? Well.. I COULD do 2 pull-ups. But I actually haven’t done once since I finished P90X in May! So… now, who knows!? I guess I will find out next week when I do the fit test to start P90X next Monday. Scary! P90X also has different workouts every day (thought they repeat from week to week, like ChaLean). It really is a nice variety! And thanks for the luck. Time to finish up strong! :)

  2. Brittany October 19, 2013 at 8:44 am #

    Oh man, this sounds awesome!! 75-90 minute workouts like this would kill me though, not sure I could ever do p-90x. I am back to working out with insanity, but am not following the schedule and am only doing the first month DVD’s because the others are TOO long. I loose focus too easily and then half ass it! I actually really want to try t-25…

    • kelly @ racesrepsramblings October 21, 2013 at 9:43 am #

      Yeah… those workouts are killer. It’s just such a TIME drain! They are coming out with P90X3 in December and all the workouts are 30 minutes… hooray! And awesome on being able to start up Insanity again! How long are the longest workouts with Insanity? And I hear you on T-25. 25 minutes? Sounds like perfection.

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