Race Recap: Indy Mini-Marathon!

6 May

What a weekend!  Wow – it was one of those busy, running-around, packed full, but truly awesome weekends.  I had such a great time at the race but also had friends in town visiting, a wedding, and plenty to do in between.  Don’t you just love weekends like that?  I must admit I’m pretty exhausted from all the excitement, but it’s definitely ‘good’ exhaustion.

This Saturday I successfully ran my second Indy Mini-Marathon.  And a true success it was –  in every way!  Friday night I managed to have a relaxing evening at home.  I ate my traditional meal of spaghetti – yum, yum, and yum.  I laid out all of my clothes and supplies (knee tape, inhaler, bib, etc.) on the dining room table.  I drank plenty of water and did the X-Stretch video (from P90X).  It is a relaxing, slow video that just focuses on stretching.  It was a great way to do something, but feel calm and ready.  After icing my knees I headed to bed (nice and early – score!).  Adam was a doll and waited up for friends coming to stay at my place for the weekend.  They were running the race as well.   I had a full apartment with many inflatable beds and it felt like a slumber party.  Thankfully I snoozed right on through their arrival and didn’t wake up until morning.

The Preparation

4:45:  Hmm… I’m awake, but my alarm doesn’t go off for another 40 minutes.  I guess I’ll just play with my phone to start waking up.

5:00:  Well, I might as well get up at this point because I’m not going to be able to fall asleep. I’m early!  I like extra time :)

5:00-6:00: Very quietly creeping around the house. Everyone was still asleep!  I made some tea and had breakfast to get that process going nice and early.  The tea I drank was caffeinated.  I read that drinking caffeine the morning of a race can boost performance if you don’t regularly consume caffeine.  It also is a diuretic and I was hoping it might help get things through my system faster.  It was a delicious breakfast and the right amount of food (though probably too much beverage with 2 cups of tea and a cup of water).


My race day breakfast.

6:00-6:45: Everyone else starts waking up and getting ready.  At this point I’ve had lots of water and already was able to go to the bathroom – great sign of success.  I’m feeling relatively calm, but excited too!  I finish getting ready by taping my knees with KT tape.  I followed the instruction videos on their website and felt pretty good about my tape work :)  Before heading off to the start we take some group ‘before’ pictures and make our way outside!  My nerves start kicking into gear at this point.


All taped up. I guess I went for the rainbow look? Clearly I’m super into running fashion.


All set and ready to go!

7:00-7:33: I did a half-mile warm-up jog over to the start line.  I started doing this before my 10/15K and really liked the habit.  It allows me to warm up my lungs but also check to make sure my shoes aren’t too tight and everything is ready to go.  I’d highly recommend this practice – though I used to be against it as I wanted fresh legs.  It’s been really successful for me and I will probably continue it for all the races I can.  With my friends in a different corral, we said our goodbyes and I made a beeline for one last stop at the porta potty.  The line wasn’t too bad and was moving.  Soon it was my turn and afterwards I quickly made my way to Corral D – woah, so far up!  Volunteers checked my bib for the correct corral placement and I lifted up my throw-away t-shirt and proudly displayed my “D”.  After getting accustomed to miles in the 10’s, moving up to corral D was hugely exciting as a runner in the 8’s.  I felt like I joined the big kid club.  It was one of  many moments during the race where I paused and thought back on how far I have come!  Such a neat feeling.  I made a friend while anxiously awaiting the start.  We chatted some, and having that distraction really helped to keep my nerves in check.  Up to this point I was certainly anxious, but a more normal level of worries/nerves.  I had trained for this moment!


At the start. I look so calm and collected! Hah!

7:33: And we’re off!  It took me about 2 minutes to cross the start line and I focused on remembering that number in case I needed to do some mental math later (not my running strong suit).  The music at the start was pumping, and I couldn’t help but smile as I crossed the start.  This was it!!

 The Race

Mile 1 (8:40): This is fun!  I’m feeling great.  I love running.  Hmm… usually I start out way too fast (in the low 8’s) – I’m kind of surprised at my pace.  I should probably start kicking it up a bit more?  This is so great!  Not too crowded up here – I could get used to this ;)

Mile 2 (8:38):  That’s a little better.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Keep it under control and you can fly at the end.  Hmm… I kind of need to pee.  And wow – is that hip pain?  That’s a new one; kind of early in the race for pain.  Just keep swimming.  Ahh water!  Don’t talk about water.  I really think I need to pee.  Why did I have another cup of tea??

Mile 3 (8:43):  Well shoot, I guess I’m just on the slower side today.  Goal #1: Have fun!  Should I stop and pee?  What is going on with my hip??

Mile 4 (8:23): That’s more like it!  Let’s just ignore the knee and hip stuff – I feel GREAT!! (If I say it enough times it will be true, right??) I’ll get to see my cheering squad soon!!  Just one more mile until I see Adam.  I guess I should start moving to the left side to see them better.  Should I pee?

Mile 5 (8:36): Adam!!  Hi!!  Feeling great.  No knee issues, body is cooperating.  It’s almost Speedway track time – bring it on.

Mile 6 (8:24): Track time.  Hey almost half-way there!  Feeling strong and so far so good.  Maybe I’ll stop to pee at the next one?

Mile 7 (8:16): I actually really like this track.  Let’s start picking up the pace and passing a bit more.  Feeling a bit emotional.  Don’t cry!  So much relief, excitement, and happiness that I’m here running.  That’s a beautiful thing.

Mile 8 (8:22): Track is almost over – then it’s all just heading back downtown.  It’s almost go-time!  You can start safely picking up the pace.

Mile 9 (8:10): All I have to do is run home and run to Adam.  Time to start picking it up.  I’m right on track to beat 2 hours.  If I push it, I could be in the 1:50:00s. This is one of my last times to enjoy running for awhile.  Soak it up!

Mile 10 (8:12): Excellent progress – keep pushing it.  Almost there.  Maybe I’ll just wait to pee??

Mile 11 (8:04): Wow!  I’m seriously almost done!  Now it’s really time to kick it.  I will be done soon.  (A little mental math) Holy moly – is it possible for me to get in 1:49:00s??  Okay it’s time to chase down that goal.  Unleash the beast!

Mile 12 (7:55):  Chase that goal!!  Moving as fast as my little legs can go.  Roads narrow, congestion of people.  Start my “On your left!” campaign.  I’m flying!!  Cruising by people.  Where’s Adam?  He’s supposed to be around here somewhere.  I’m on a 1:49:59 mission people!!

Mile 13 (7:42):  Heaving, breathing heavily, starting to feel pain. I think I’m being the annoying heavy-breather runner now.  Oh well – don’t care, can’t breathe.  Must finish fast.  I’m really not used to running in the 7’s.  I should probably do some training runs with these paces.  Wow this straight away is deceiving – I still have a while to go.  Push it!  Focus.  My muscles hurt!  My muscles never hurt while running – only after.  I must really be pushing myself.

13.1: Make. It. Happen.  You’re almost done!!!  (See time clock not close to 1:49)…well mental math is not my strongest skill – still I’m in the low 1:50s!!

Finish:  1:51:05.  Wow!  Am I seriously done??  That went faster than I thought it would.  Let’s let breathing return to normal.

Phew!  It was an awesome race.  Shortly after I finished it dawned on me that not only did I break two hours, I crushed my old time by about 15 minutes!  What a feeling.  I knew I could be faster than 2:06, but wow!  1:51!  Holy P90X!  I’m still taking it all in days later.  After I finished I collected my medal, goodies, and stood in line for a finisher’s picture.  I left the runners’ area and met up with Adam and his Mom.  They were both ecstatic!  They watched me cross the finish line and said they had an awesome time out cheering.  I was the first of our friends that finished (woah, you read that correctly), so it was nice just having a bit to chat with them.  Hearing about the race from both perspectives (runner and spectator) was fun and we traded stories.  I was still feeling pretty decent and stretched out.  Soon our friends started coming out and we had a great time taking pictures and sharing congratulations.

Finishing this race makes me happy that now I’ll be able to just relax for my next half in two weeks (yeah… who had that brilliant idea??).  The course for my next half is quite a bit hillier and I likely won’t be fully recovered from this race, so likely won’t be seeing the low 1:50s for awhile.  It’s a good feeling knowing I can just relax for that one.  But…this race also made me question – how much faster can I go??  It really has me inspired to incorporate speed work into future training to see what my full potential really is!


With my beautiful sign


We finished :)


With my #1 fan

After hanging around the post-race festivities for about an hour we headed home.  At this point I was really starting to not feel well.  My body left everything out on the course, and it was starting to catch up to me.  After slowly walking home I rested, ate a bit, and took a shower.  I felt better, but honestly for the rest of the weekend I definitely didn’t feel amazing.  Thankfully I’m feeling a bit more myself today.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful with a friend’s wedding, birthday lunches, time with friends, and lots of excitement.  It was a non-stop couple of days!


All cleaned up for the wedding Saturday night.


This was the fanciest wedding I’ve ever attended. Absolutely gorgeous!


The three runners! We still managed to get on the dance floor.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and it was fun getting all dolled up after such a sweaty morning.  Three friends there also ran the race and we were out on the dance floor a few times during the night. I was impressed our legs held up!  It was pretty hilarious – when we left Adam was helping me down the stairs (okay practically carrying me) and I wanted to shout to the few people staring/judging me: “I’m not drunk!!  I just ran the mini!”  Alas, it gave us a couple chuckles.  Nothing like a 1:51 half to really put you in a great mood!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

Happy running!


Did you race this weekend?

18 Responses to “Race Recap: Indy Mini-Marathon!”

  1. Kelly @ RaceFor50States May 6, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Hi Kelly! Another fellow Kelly runner. I loved the part about getting emotional on the track. I had a similar moment mid-race too! Congrats on really pounding those last miles and doing negative splits! How have you managed to get so much faster compared to your last half? Haven’t been reading your blog, but definitely will start following your progress from here! Great job!

    • racesrepsramblings May 6, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

      Hello! Aren’t Kelly runners just the best?? :) I loved your race recap too – it sounds like you had an amazing race! As far as speed, I credit a huge part of this to P90X. I’ve been following this program for a few months and it incorporates a lot more strength training and plyometrics. Previously I just ran and now I have a more comprehensive approach (core and leg workouts etc.). And ironically – I ran less for this training! If you’re interested in getting faster and trying something new I’d highly encourage checking out P90X. I have a couple posts under the P90X page that talk about running/training while completing the program. I think there are a couple other factors too (reduced stress, asthma under control, great training races, etc.), but I think the biggest thing is I’m just more fit now. Happy to have you following along – let me know if you have any questions if you’re interested in learning more about combining P90X and running. And congrats to you on an awesome race!

  2. atwostoreyhome May 6, 2013 at 4:14 pm #

    Congratulations!! It sounds like it was an awesome race! I love the mile by mile recap. I feel like you and I are very similar in terms of running. Our times are currently very close, my first half was 2:06, and after my PR I struggled through a wedding :) And I can TOTALLY relate to that feeling of, “How much faster can I get? What is my potential?” After years of 9:30 miles, I am in the low 8’s (give or take a bit depending on the distance) and just wonder, what’s my limit? If I can get this fast, then how much faster?
    I’m so happy for you that you crushed your PR…and did it while looking so stylish with the tape! ;-) Congrats again!

    • racesrepsramblings May 6, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

      Thank you so much!! I’m still on a high :) And as far as being similar runners – I felt the same thing when I read your 10K recap! It will be exciting to see just how fast we can get! It’s an addicting feeling for sure. What did you do to break out of that 9:30 norm? I’m curious to see what next steps are needed to keep getting faster! Thanks again for the congrats. And I’m so happy you approved of my tape/outfit. I was really hoping that my look just screamed ‘stylish’ ;)

  3. Steph May 6, 2013 at 6:21 pm #

    Awesome job! Way to totally crush that PR!

    I’ve never done P90X, but I definitely agree that plyometrics and strength training have a huge impact on running :)

    • racesrepsramblings May 7, 2013 at 9:48 am #

      Thanks so much Steph! It was a pretty awesome race :) I’m glad to hear you’ve had a similar experience with plyo/strength training. Honestly I’ve been shocked at the difference it has made – sounds like you’ve had the same experience! :)

  4. jvmckay May 7, 2013 at 10:01 am #

    I LOVED reading your post! Great job on your PR! I’m hoping after this year’s performance I can bump up in my corral placement for next year. Way to go!

    • racesrepsramblings May 7, 2013 at 10:23 am #

      Thanks so much – I’m glad you enjoyed it! :) It was a lot of fun! Also I read your recap of the day and I’m guessing next year you’ll be further up. Last year I was seeded with a 2:06 and was up in E. I’m sure it depends on the number of entries etc. but with a 2:03 you should be moving right on up! Great job to you too!!

  5. themovingmuncher May 7, 2013 at 10:46 am #

    Amazing, congrats! Quick question, is a mini marathon a half marathon? Either way, sounds awesome! And, do you find the tape helpful? (I’ve only seen it on tennis players/footballers before) Also love the dress you wore to the wedding :)

    • racesrepsramblings May 7, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Thanks!! :) Well – the interesting thing is it depends on who you ask. Some races include a marathon (26.2miles) a half (13.1) and a mini (I think a quarter of that distance?)…while other races include a marathon and a “mini” being the half. In this case this mini-marathon is a half marathon, but I have found that isn’t the case 100% of the time. Kind of confusing I think! As far as the tape – I really liked it and will probably use it again. The tape can be used for all sorts of injuries, but it certainly worked well on my knees. And thanks for the props on the dress – it was great to dress up after such a sweaty day! :) I was relieved the tape peeled off and I didn’t have to wear it to the wedding!

      • themovingmuncher May 9, 2013 at 11:13 am #

        Ah cool, thanks for clarifying that for me – makes it all the more impressive as it’s what us Brits would consider to be a half! Haha glad you managed to get the knee tape off too!

  6. FitnessFatale May 7, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    Congrats!!! I also crushed my previous half marathon PR while I was wrapping up P90X! It makes you so much stronger. I’m actually going to start doing it again now that my marathon training is over and I’m confident that it’ll make me even faster.

    • racesrepsramblings May 7, 2013 at 3:37 pm #

      Thanks so much! It was an exciting race for sure :) It’s unbelievable how much P90X has helped my running. I’m looking forward to trying out Insanity this summer, I’ll be curious if my speed increases with this as well. Did you also do Insanity? It’ll be fun to follow along with your P90X progress – even more speed will be coming your way for sure!


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