Back to Reality!

28 Apr

Le sigh.  Vacation is over and back to reality.  Adam and I just got back from an awesome week in Costa Rica.  I lived in San Jose for a year after I graduated from college and hadn’t been back since!  It was pretty awesome to return after several years away – it felt like not much time had passed at all.  We spent part of the time visiting my old friends, another part doing touristy things like zip lining and visiting volcanoes, and finished up the trip with a few days at the beach relaxing.  The trip was pretty full, but also allowed for some nice relaxation – a perfect mix.  We rented a car and drove to my favorite parts of the country.  This was Adam’s first time in CR, and I wanted to give him a nice overall tour and flavor of the place I called home.


Time at the beach: perfection!


On one of our daily walks.


Breakfast at our beach apartment. (oops.. yep that’s some diet coke there!)


One of my favorite spots in Costa Rica: Arenal Volcano!


Relaxing in the thermal waters near Arenal Volcano.


This. was. amazing.


Dinner, drinks, and lounging in volcano-heated thermal pools all evening? Yes please!


We made it! A rewarding climb down to La Fortuna waterfall. We jumped in after this picture.


Ziplining like a real tourist!


Visiting with old friends – what a wonderful trip!


Mango! It was a culinary treat to eat all my old favorites again.

During the trip we *tried* to not totally fall off our P90X/half-marathon training plan…and I can say that we sort of succeeded.  Before departing we knew we weren’t going to do our normal P90X workouts (this had already been decided for weeks), but we wanted to be somewhat active (my half-marathon being the main motivator).  We ended up doing only one run (fail) but walked 3 or 4 miles everyday (win!) and even did a pretty exhausting hike to a waterfall (double win).  Although we didn’t do our normal workouts or training we still managed to stay active, which was great.  On the nutrition front we were so-so as well.  We didn’t follow our post-it note eating habit while away and weren’t super strict with our nutrition.  The two things I missed most when I moved back to the States from Costa Rica: 1. the people 2. the food!!  So I was sure to sample all of my favorite cuisine that I have missed so much.  I really didn’t want to limit this as some of this food I’ve been dreaming about eating for years!  Some cuisine (fresh tropical fruit) healthier than others (rice, beans, Costa Rican chocolates and pastries).  During our last couple days we stayed at an apartment with a kitchen, so we got more on track by making our own food – this helped out considerably.  We had the most difficulty during our first few days in San Jose when spending time with my friends.  A lot of our social gatherings focused on food at some point and we didn’t want to be rude :)  We both feel that we did a relatively good job and didn’t cause toooo much damage.

As with most vacations: it is great to go, but it’s nice to be back.  The month of May brings lots and lots of fun with 2 half-marathons for me, Adam’s graduation from med school, a friend’s wedding, and my birthday!  Our vacation was the perfect kick-start to an exciting next few weeks.  The first May milestone: just 6 days until the mini-marathon – yikes!  It’s really hard to believe it’s almost here.  Let the countdown begin!

Happy to be back and enjoy the vacation pics!


2 Responses to “Back to Reality!”

  1. atwostoreyhome April 29, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    It looks/sounds like you guys had an amazing time!! We are considering going to Costa Rica this summer!

    • racesrepsramblings April 29, 2013 at 5:57 pm #

      It was such a fantastic trip! Let me know if you need any assistance (or convincing) with your trip planning – CR is an awesome place to vacation. I’m happy to help :)

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