Praying for Boston

16 Apr


There really are no words, so I won’t say much.  With most tragedies I try to shut out the media.  Normally the perpetrator wants the media to pick it up – he wants to be all over the news.  And someone who chose the Boston – with a million cameras already rolling, clearly wanted a public display of violence.  Very public.  I don’t want this person to get what they want by having it covered to the nth degree…but man alive: I just can’t stop reading about it.  On Runner’s World.  On CNN.  Anywhere.  It’s just so relate-able.  I can just imagine it so vividly.  I imagine my family waiting and spectating at my races and I just feel hollow.  Amid all the stories of heartbreak, there are some incredible ones of helpful and good souls.  Those are always uplifting at times like this.  It’s a beautiful thing to see the outpouring of support from strangers to strangers.  It’s incredibly unifying and a reminder that not all are bad, not all are destructive.

Boston has been a dream of mine (and thousands of others) for many years, and for me, that dream still exists.  I almost feel more resilient.  I don’t want to give this madman the satisfaction of ruining something so celebratory and truly magical.  Though I have to admit, with my big race coming up I do have fear for my spectators (it’s the largest half-marathon in the country and 7th largest running event).  I almost don’t want them to come.  But then again – that’s letting the bad win.  We shouldn’t have to live our lives in fear.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims.  Let’s run for Boston.


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