Phase 2 Hunger Pains

26 Mar

For all my control and food satisfaction in Phase 1…Phase 2 is a different story.  I’m hungry.  Like grumpy hungry.  The change I feel from one phase to another with just slight modifications is very interesting.  The biggest difference in the plan was a drop of a protein and a gain of a carb.  I’m not sure if it is my increased workouts or the introduction of carbs like bagels (whole grain) and English muffins (whole grain).  Either way – I’m in great anticipation of the next phase.  I’m really hoping that my hunger pains will disappear.  I am quite concerned though about dropping to just 2 protein and 1 dairy.  Phase 3 will bring a big switch.  The variety in food will be a nice thing though, as it is quite easy to get in a rut.  It’s funny, as I progress through the phases I find myself thinking ‘Can I just add more portions and not take any away??’  I get quite sad to see my portions go.  The trade-off for an extra carb and fruit will be a great one and probably more similar to what I would normally consider ‘healthy-eating’ pre-P90X.  I’ll be curious to report back.

Overall feelings about Phase 2 meals:

I really wish that I had either an extra snack or fruit in this phase.  Some days I just end up taking it because I’m so hungry.  I have found it’s better to take the extra fruit than get home and be in starvation mode.  Adam and I still have some unhealthy snacks left over from preP90X in the pantry and in Phase 1 I didn’t dream of touching them.  They are in their own place, out of sight out of mind.  Well now in Phase 2 I have “cheated” on Adam, sneaking a couple gummy bears here and there and sometimes a little chocolate.  Oh my!  I actually had to have him take a few things out and hide them in his car.  In Phase 1 I wasn’t even close to this!  Part of me thinks it could be the introduction of different carbs.   Without them (bagels, grainy breads) I didn’t crave them much, and now that I can have more I’ve turned into a carb monster.  The other idea is that my mileage has increased and I’m working out more – so naturally I’m hungrier.  I’m not quite certain which is the culprit, perhaps a little of both.

Is this the problem?

Or is it my extra running?

I have tried to keep my cheats only to special occasions: Adam’s birthday, Match day, family visiting, etc.  And even then keep it to something small.  But this week we had a cast party after the close of our musical and man alive – it’s like I never saw food before (I did run 9 miles in the morning)!  I had no control and ended up eating waaayyyy too many m+m’s and popcorn and wound up feeling pretty terrible.  I felt like I had a food hangover.  This experience got me thinking a lot about sustainability of the portions of this phase and supplementing with healthy alternatives to not enter into the dangers of unhealthy eating that come along with hunger.  Phase 1 of P90X never really felt like dieting; it felt like making better choices.  Phase 2 has brought back memories of days when I dieted and the grumpy feelings that go along with it.  Hopefully Phase 3 will bring a return of both energy and self-control.

Some ideas to help control my hunger

  • Plan more fake cheats (see below)
  • Introduce grainier carbs – oatmeal everyday instead of a few times a week.  Less bread based carbs.
  • On long run days, make sure I make up at least half the calories I’ve burned.
  • Spread my food out more throughout the day.  I’m already doing this, but perhaps a different mix-up might be helpful
  • Introduce more variety so I don’t feel stagnant.

Fake Cheats

Adam and I have also started doing “fake cheats” – or rather healthy cheats.  We pick food that we otherwise wouldn’t eat on a daily basis and turn it into a cheat.  This has been a helpful mental technique to stay away from feeling like we’re restricted.

Favorite fake cheats:
  • sushi
  • frozen yogurt (this one is on the nutrition guide – huge smile)
  • extra fruit
  • cake batter protein shake (I’ll share the recipe in a future post – it’s amazing!)

 Here’s to hoping Phase 3 brings positive changes in the hunger department!


What ideas do you have for controlling hunger pains?  Did you experience more hunger in Phase 2?

Share your thoughts!

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