P90X: General Tips Part 1

22 Mar

For those of you getting ready jump on the P90x bandwagon, here is my list of things I wish I had known before getting started.  I’ve also included some other tips I’ve picked up along the way that have been very helpful.

  1. You really need to do the Nutrition Plan if you want great results.  
    • See here for my thoughts.
  2. Workout with a partner if you can.
    • It’s much easier if you’re accountable to someone.  Even if that person is far from you (i.e. you’re not doing the workouts together, just the program) it still helps to have someone to check-in with.  Use the message boards for more support, especially if you don’t have someone willing to join you!
  3. Weigh/Measure/Fit Test at the Beginning
    • Adam and I didn’t initially do the fit test or measure ourselves (back at round 1).  We only took pictures and our weight, thinking it was enough.  Now that we have made huge strides, we are kicking ourselves for not taking the time to do it right from the start. It may be embarrassing (the picture part was mortifying I can attest), it may be unpleasant, and it may take some time, but it is SO worth it at the end.  This is a big regret for me.
  4. Start out with some basic equipment.
    • It’s difficult to progress if you don’t have the right equipment.  You don’t need everything, but make sure you have the required equipment.  See here for more thoughts on this.
  5. Plan ahead with food!
    • Prepping our food for the week in advance has been a game-changer for us.  Our lives are then allowed to be more “normal” and less hectic.  Adam and I take the time to portion out our veggies, fruit, snacks, and some meat in advance in tupperware or plastic baggies.  Making lunches or snacks is a breeze with everything grab and go.  We usually do this once a week (Sunday evening normally).
  6. Don’t worry if you can’t do everything.
    • Tony’s saying is really true: Do your best and forget the rest!  There are many moves that I still can’t do 100% after months of doing P90X.  Every time I work out I just try to push myself a little bit harder.  It isn’t about perfection – it’s just about making it happen.  Some mornings, just pressing play is the victory and that’s okay!
  7. Find weekly inspiration.
    • P90X is hard, and at times it can be challenging to stay motivated.  At least once a week, google before/after pictures, look up resources/articles online, look up some fitness pinterest boards, or find a blog detailing someone’s progress.  Do something that reminds you why you started this journey. It’s rejuvenating and reminds you to keep bringing it.
  8. Mix up your diet.
    • It’s easy to get in a rut on the nutrition plan by sticking with what you know.  Keep trying new fruits and veggies or different recipes.  The new additions stop you from getting bored and remind you that there are plenty of P90X friendly options.  Prior to P90X, Adam refused to eat yogurt (he thought he didn’t like it) – now he is addicted.  You might discover you like more things than you thought!
  9. Hydrate (with water)!
    • This is the obvious one found everywhere, but it is so important!  Drinking enough water is crucial to success. Not only does it keep you from getting dehydrated, but it keeps you full.  Your body can often confuse hunger with thirst.  I bought a water bottle and set a certain number of refills per day.  This also helps me cut down on soda or sugary drinks.
  10. Before you start, make sure you’re ready.
    • Take the time to plan appropriately and begin P90X when you’re truly ready. I mean this in several ways.  Make sure you have your kitchen stocked.  Make sure you have the basic equipment (including measuring devices like a food scale, measuring tape, and fat caliper).  Make sure you did the fit test and took pictures.  It is better to postpone one week and have everything ready.  Adam and I sort of rushed to just get started for the first round and didn’t have our act together.  For round 2 we made sure everything was set (and even pushed back starting a week), and we’ve been so much more successful.  Set yourself up for success from the beginning!

Keep pressing play!


What tips do you have for getting started with P90X?

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