P90X Phase 1 Results

19 Mar

Currently Adam and I are entering week 7 so I thought I’d catch up and put our results from Phase 1 (the first 4 weeks).  These results are based on following the nutrition guide (with a few cheat meals – Adam’s birthday etc.), running a couple times a week (Kelly), and doing a minimum of 6 workouts per week (sometimes 7).

Tape Measure Results:

(Kelly in blue, Adam in green, in inches)

Waist:   -1.5     (-1.75)

Chest:   -1     (+1)

Hips:   -.5     (-1)

Calf:   0     (0)

Bicep:   +.5     (0)

Other Results:

Body Fat %: Unfortunately we didn’t get our fat caliper in time to have a before and after – but we should have some movement on it for the end of phase 2.  I can confidently say our percentages are down even without the exact measurement.

Weight: We weighed ourselves back in October for our first round, but didn’t weigh ourselves again at the beginning of this round (dang!).  I don’t own a scale and don’t have one conveniently available.  Additionally I really didn’t want to get caught up on numbers so didn’t harass any neighbors to locate a scale.  That being said I would estimate I have lost between 4-6 lbs. of fat since October.  Maybe around 2 lbs. for phase 1? So it’s definitely working! I will likely try harder to find a scale at the end of this round to have a complete start and end number at very least.

Overall Fitness: Wow am I stronger!  I can run faster and longer and I truly think a huge portion of this is P90X.  I feel healthier and happier.  So on top of the actual results, there have been many ‘side-effect’ results.  Adam made the comment, “You seem like you!” I take this to mean that I’m happier and less tired :) Always a good thing!

So far so good – looking forward to our next check-in soon!


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