Race Recap: Shamrock Run!

18 Mar

Okay – so this wasn’t really a race race…but there was a start/finish line and a chip so I guess it counts!

This past Saturday morning (right after Match Day – rough I know!), Adam and I ran in a 4 mile Shamrock Run and Walk. I haven’t run something with Adam in quite some time so it was great to have him out there with me.  Additionally, he hasn’t gone on a run himself in many months so I was also a bit nervous.

This run was also a great opportunity to celebrate St. Patty’s Day!  Truthfully it’s one of my favorite holidays – but right now I’m in a musical which is making my schedule pretty hectic.  Doing this race was our way of celebrating St. Patty’s Day, and we joked, celebrating in a P90X approved fashion.

Conveniently, the start/finish line was about a mile from my apartment so we jogged and got a nice warm-up.  I was also doing this race as a part of my 8-mile long run.  Doing these mini races has been a really fun way to complete my longer runs.  We got to the start with just a minute or so to spare and jumped in line with all the decked-out leprechauns and green tutus.  It was quite a sea of festive people; there was no shortage of exciting people-watching.



The gun went off and we took off around the circle. I gave Adam specific instructions that I didn’t want to complete my run in the record 8:09 pace of last weekend’s race.  That pace was unheard of for me, and I wanted to be cautious.  I didn’t want the race excitement to get to me and push faster than would be safe.  I’m a little paranoid about injuries!  Ideally, I wanted to be between an 8:30 and 9 minute pace (given I had to run a total of 8 miles).

The course itself was really very neat.  It started downtown and went to another close neighborhood and looped back.  Another reason I was interested in this race it would allow me to explore a new part of town that I don’t usually run in.  I have definitely added this to my potential trails for long runs!  The weather was beautiful- sunny and around 40.  This actually caught me off guard. I have been running in gloves and a hat for so many months that I didn’t really know how to dress.  I ended up going with pants and a t-shirt, and Adam did shorts and a long sleeve.  Both of us felt pretty good temperature-wise, so it was a good choice.

Adam did great, but I could tell he wasn’t feeling amazing.  His knee was giving him trouble, so it wasn’t the most enjoyable run for him.  Last spring Adam was running much stronger than me, so this was a sure sign that my running and fitness has improved.  We stayed together and had a nice brisk pace. I was able to maintain a somewhat one-sided conversation – another sign that my asthma was under pretty great control.

As we neared the downtown again we just had a mile to go.  I was hoping to pick up the pace (that’s exciting I had more juice in the tank!), but Adam’s knee at this point was really giving him a lot of trouble.  We kept a constant pace and happily neared the end!  With a smile on my face we crossed the finish line.  I felt like I had plenty of energy left, which made me super happy.  Also – it was good because I still had another 3 miles to run.

Afterwards we stretched, claimed our hard-earned banana and water, and walked around downtown for a bit.  After a short break I headed off to complete my run, and Adam walked home to make breakfast.  Yet another successful long run/race hybrid!  Next week will actually be strange with no race…well, yet.  Who knows what Saturday will bring!


Running together for St. Patrick’s Day!


The canal dyed green for St. Patty’s!

Hope you all had a fantastic green holiday!


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